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Blog #3 Drafts

Posted on February 11, 2019

In Murray’s “The Maker’s Eye” and Lamott’s “Shitty First Draft”, they explain the importance of first drafts and how it can affect the overall feel and structure of your final piece. Lamott further explains that most first drafts aren’t perfect or structured or have strong support for the final piece. The first draft is like a block of marble waiting to be carved and chiseled to its final masterpiece. Murray’s continues to discuss the importance of first drafts stating that award-winning authors to beginning elementary school writers start with first drafts. She continues to explain her seven elements methods, starting with subject, audience, form, structure, development, dimensions, and lastly tone.

Subject is what your essay should focus on, make sure your essay or paper has a clear subject. Audience is what kind of audience are you writing for and how can you communicate your subject better to that audience. Form or genre is what type of paper or writing is it going to be, is it a novel or biography or a short story. Structure is the order of what you are going to explain your story or points. Development is how much description, documentation, action, dialogue, metaphor-these and many other devices are used to help the reading understand your paper. Dimensions is the pleasing proportion between all the parts of the paper, nothing is too much, and nothing is too little. Lastly, tone is the style you want to write in, how you want to sound to the reader.

When it comes to writing, I always hated starting a new essay or writing piece because it never started the way I wanted, there were so many errors and mistakes that I didn’t want to look at my paper after drafting my paper. After reading Murray’s and Lamott’s paper, I started to have a different perspective on the purpose of a first draft. I always thought first drafts should be perfect and like a final draft but after reading “Shitty First Draft” I learned that the point of first drafts is to get all your thoughts and points on an unstructured format. I shouldn’t think so hard when writing my draft and just focus on what I want to be in my paper.

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