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Blog #1 Literacy

Posted on February 4, 2019

Out of the readings about literacy, Yang Huang’s “Why I Write in English” connected with me the most. Her life story of multiple languages and immigration had many parallels with my life, I grew up in Korea and only knew Korean. When I immigrated to the US, English, and Korean have almost no similarities, from sentence structure to grammar, I wasn’t able to carry out a whole conversation until the 3rd year in the US. But since the languages were so different, like in her story, I came to realize that by knowing Korean and English, there were so many ways I could convey my words. Knowing two languages feels like I’m not trapped in one room but free to move around different rooms. Yang Huang shows that literacy is not just knowing to read and write but it is also being able to convey and form your thought and words in new ways through different languages. She mentions how in Russian, British, and American use of word choice, emotional nuisances, and close personal narratives was something she never saw in Chinese writings and how it showed her how writings can affect the way someone feels.

In “Why Blog?”, Alex Reid explains that blogging can become an incentive for students and non-writers to become interested in writing. He continues to state that when blogging, the writer is in control of what they want to write about and how they want to write it. But Reid also states that blogging takes time to perfect and understand how blogging works. Alex Reid shows that literacy by definition is the ability to read and write but literacy could be applied to anything like blog literacy.

In “Blue-Collar Brilliance”, Mike Rose talks about his mother, Rose Meraglio or Rosie. He explains that even though many consider blue collar jobs to a below intelligent job, jobs like waitress need to be smart and fast. Rose continues to about his mother and how she would create faster ways to get this done like how it takes for certain foods to be prepared or which tables ordered what to create faster and more efficient rounds around the restaurant. Mike Rose is showing us like Alex Reid literacy can be applied more than language, he is showing us the efficient literacy.

Through these articles, they changed my perspective on the term literacy, literacy is not just about the ability to read and write but the ability to be great at what you do.


  1. Becky Wang

    I agree that being able to communicate in multiple languages is a great advantage in being able to further express yourself. There’s some things that you can express in one language but can’t explain in another. Sometimes, I can’t explain what I mean to my friends, simply because there’s no way to translate. There’s also cultural stuff related to certain languages that seem unbelievable in other languages. I can remember some of my friends experiencing serious doubt about “re qi”, it’s both a cultural concept and language that doesn’t translate well to English.

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