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What I learned from Nussbaum!

Posted on October 11, 2018

Recently, I’ve worked on a writing piece about the emotion of anger. Martha Nussbaum went into depth about how anger is perceived, informing the reader that we look at it from the wrong perspective. As normal human beings, we tend to get angry at times and want revenge. But really what is revenge accomplishing? Nussbaum opened my mind, using many different examples on how revenge is pointless and no good. One example was when he stated his friend being raped. Of course you want to wish the worst on the wrongdoer but is that helping restore your friends life? Nussbaum then explained how we should think about specific emotion and take into consideration the consequences that come with revenge. She also refreshed my memory with great public figures such as Aristotle and Nelson Mandela. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Aristotle is an intelligent greek philosopher who had many theories from science to social backgrounds. When Nussbaum mentioned Mandela I immediately thought of the movie. It gave me a flashback of when I was younger on a rainy day my family and I watched multiple movies and Nelson Mandela was one of them. The movie was an awesome biography and gave me the idea of what kind of person Nelson was. Nussbaum did an efficient job of mentioning him because he looked past anger in a different perspective. Mandela from my understanding was a very peaceful man and overcame a lot adversity, not using anger as a bad thing but using it as fuel to motivate him and his other peers. Personally, after reading this passage I feel like I’m going to think twice about my natural emotion because with anger YOU are YOUR biggest enemy and your the only one that can control that factor. Most of all, I wanna spread this to many people this could potentially help many toxic situations where people don’t exactly know how to control this strong emotion. In the near future if we could somehow, someway show people that payback’s never the option this world can be a much peaceful place.

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