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This is the END!

Posted on May 6, 2019

Writing wasn’t that hard for me, at least that’s what I used to believe. I used to believe that I ‘m good with words, and I can express my feelings freely through them. But everything changed when I had to write academically; I struggled trying to use a different kind of tone in my writings. I thought my problem was I don’t know how should I talk to my readers, or in other words know who my readers are, what they want to know. Fortunately, I had a chance to pick up some skills that can help me solve my problems in WRT 102. Throughout the whole semester, there were three major assignments. Literacy Narrative helped me with my storytelling skills, I learned how to tell an interesting story. I-Search essay allowed me to practice doing research before I had to do it for Researched Argument, and also introduced me to the library resources during the library session. Researched Argument is final step, it took us the whole semester to prepare for it. This one is the actually academic writing, we had to get rid of the informal tone we used for our last two essays, and speak to our readers scholarly. To me, through writing all these essays not only improved my writing skills, it also enhanced my audience awareness. For example: In Researched Argument, I learned that my audience is expecting an academic essay, so I have to show my professionalism. Audience awareness is actually pretty important, it shows that we care about our readers, and that we want to share some information with them. After all the process we’ve been through this semesters, I noticed that good audience awareness is a qualification for a good writer. A good writer should always know who is he/she writing to, what’s his/her purpose of writing, and what his/her readers want to know. Now I know that my problem was with audience awareness, I’ll always view my essays in my reader’s perspective, and I will be able to tell what can I do better. I wouldn’t say this is a fun journey, because there were a lot of challenges. However, I’m very happy that I’ve made to the end, and have acquired so many useful skills. Thank you, It’s been an amazing semester.



  1. shihclin

    Some good info here, I like how you describe the things you learned in this class. I believe you definitely become a better writer after this semester.

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