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Western vs. Eastern

Posted on March 11, 2019

The topic I want to do for the I-search essay is about education systems, there are a few candidates I have in mind. First one is a debate on whether cram schools really help students succeed academically. Since I grew up in the environment that almost everyone goes to cram schools, the question “Is cram schools’ existence an aid to students learning process?” has always been bothering me. I have some experience with cram schools myself, but I also want to know what others think about it. The second topic I have in mind is “Does how much time students spend at school has to do with their academic performance?” In Asia, we spend almost two third of our day at school, parents and schools believe that the more time students spend at school the more their grades will improve. However, In Western countries, students are usually dismissed around 2 in the afternoon. These two systems seem quite different, but they both nurture successful students, so I want to know the relation between their success and the amount of time they spend at school. Last but not least, I also want to do a topic about after school activities. Students in the U.S. have a lot of options for after school activities, you can either go hang out with friends, or get a part-time job. But things are a lot different in Taiwan, students already spend most of their time at school, instead of letting them go have some fun, their parents want them to learn more, so their schedules are usually filled by foreign language courses, piano classes, etc. How do these activities affect their development into adults? Are those who spend time learning extra skills after school more likely to succeed than those choose to hang out with friends? These are the questions I have. Over the years, education systems has evolved and divided into a roughly binary structure, Western vs. Eastern. By doing this paper I will learn more about the differences and similarities of these systems.


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