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Its all about the memories we made and the knowledge we gained (Blog 13)

Posted on December 11, 2018

As we are at the end of this semester I would like to dedicate this blog to my personal experiences that I came across. The semester started of with everything being new; a new country, a new college and especially new people. I met several people during the orientation week. Some of whom are really close to my heart and some of whom I am on a hi-bye basis. It was a totally different experience to live with two other people and share the small 180 sq. ft room. Strange but true they really mean a lot to me almost like as if they are my siblings. I have had several good memories which I shall forever cherish. I have also ventured into various crazy adventures such as taking the wrong bus and reaching somewhere totally different and yet trying to make the most of it. I  also came across some amazing professors who have helped to learn and grow in knowledge. I also took certain subjects such as Geology which I never really thought would be interesting but ended up fascinated me. I might even consider taking a Geology minor if possible. I also enjoyed taking my writing course as it has let me venture into so many different ways and platforms of writing. I also learnt how to write a research paper which will definitely be useful as I am keenly interested in research. I also came along with so many professors who helped to understand my mistakes and rectify it which was rally resourceful .I  also got to be a part of the Quad council which helped to improve and develop my communication skills and also helped me to know different people. Attending the various kinds of events really helped me socialize even better. This semester of college has really been a wonderful one and I am looking forward to the experiences that I will encounter in all the future semesters to come.



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