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Stedman’s Article on Common Errors while Citing (Blog 12)

Posted on December 11, 2018

Stedman’s article on citations was really helpful as it highlighted the places where people usually tend to go wrong while citing. As a person who is new to the norm of citation while writing, Stedman’s article helped me to gain insight on what not to do and how to try to fix these issues. She also talks about the various issues especially issues such as not indicating to the readers that a citation is going to be made. She almost feels that it makes the sentence bumpy and compares it to a highway with slow cars driving in front of her. She also tells us to avoid instances where we start our paragraphs or end our paragraphs with quotations. Stedman also highlights how certain writers use too many quotations in the same row. This is something which I usually tend to do as at times I find myself in a position where most of the information seems necessary. She also tells us interrogate or check for the grammar of the quotation before including the quotation in our essay. Another very common mistake is where the writer cannot find a proper link between the first alphabet of the intext citation and the final works cited section. This is the most important mistake that I had made in my essay. It was only during my conference with my professor that I realized that I had been doing such a mistake. The fix provided by Stedman also proved to be effective to improve on this critical fundamental error which I had been doing throughout my essay. Stedman also talks about how at times certain citations seem to get lost within the text. She again effectively provides a fix to this issue.



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