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Perseverance is the key to success (Blog 11)

Posted on December 11, 2018

Most of us have at one point or another faced countless hurdles which seem to hard to overcome. Especially when you have multiple such hurdles at the same time. As a student most of us face various hurdles related to our academics. Be it grades or getting into our major or even choosing the right classes and getting enrolled in the classes we want. Recently too many things seem to be coming up especially in the form of homework assignments and exams . One cannot help it because certain tasks need to be done. I too myself had a lot of homework and exams which seemed to keep me occupied most of the time. I also had a lot which needed to done in terms of revising my essays and getting them ready for the portfolios. But somehow I didn’t seem to lose hope or give up. I almost found it useless to give up at this point. I couldn’t believe myself that despite it all I kept working harder and harder getting all my stuff in order. Somehow after a while this approach helped me, and things started to fall in place. In fact, I even saw an improvement with my grades.  Though at times there were times things needed a bit of sorting out especially in my writing class I kept working to improve. This made me realize that we should keep trying until we achieve our dreams. It also made me realize that if we truly want something and if we work hard enough we might end up getting what we want. This is something which I will definitely remember no matter what. So, my dear readers you too should not give up and keep working hard.


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