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Posted on May 6, 2019

As the spring semester comes to a close, the final days of WRT 102 are upon us. While undoubtedly this class required a large commitment to producing qualifying works, I was shocked to recognize the results of my class experience. At first I was very annoyed that I had to take this class. After the grueling experience of AP Literature and AP Language I believed my writing experiences to have come to a close but when I learned I had to take WRT 102 I felt overwhelmed that I would have to go through a similar experience but I am glad I did. Through this class I feel that I was able to better understand my audience and how to display my personality in my writing.

In high school using any form of an “I” statement or personal information was forbidden and would result in an immediate failing grade. I was shocked to learn that that was not the case here at Stony Brook. At first writing in reference to myself was… weird. I soon learned to become more comfortable with writing in that context thanks to the expression implemented into required papers as well as this blogging experience.

In addition to use of self reference, another lesson learned from this class was in regards to understanding your audience. In high school we were supposed to be aware of our audience when selecting terminology used in the essay, such as if were writing about a science topic in english class we would have to explain topics that may not have been as familiar to non subject based readers. In contrast though writing in WRT 102 and the cover letters helped me realize the further attention that must be brought to the audience by understanding how they may react or participate in the reading.

While I remain nervous for my eportfolio submission grades, I hope I leave the class with success both as a writer and with good grades.


  1. hmccloskey

    I had the same reaction to using”I” in my papers. Teachers were always saying how terrible and unprofessional it was interpreted as. So I also felt really strange putting myself into my writing at first. It no longer felt natural to use “i” in my pieces. I like how you described your change of opinion for this class over the semester.

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