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the invisible majority

Posted on April 11, 2019

After finding further research identifying the addition array of struggles bisexual identifying individuals face in comparison to their LG(B)TQ+ and straight community counterparts, I think I was most unsettled by the sheer amount of struggles and the ignorance towards these topics. I think the most powerful bit I was able to find from the library session was a reflection by the Director of the American Institute of Bisexuality. In this article, he discussed how things how changed in the United States, whether they be good or bad, since the release of his sponsored New York Times article titled: “The Scientific Quest to Prove Bisexuality Exists”.  Though the list was disappointingly short considered the longevity of the time, I was interested to see how people are inciting change and increasing awareness of the present issues. I am interested to find out more in regards to recent changes.

In regards to the differences present between my I-Search essay and this current research paper, I think besides the obvious difference in subject area, I am pleasantly surprised with the larger amount of resources I’ve been able to find for this topic compared to recycling, I think it is interesting in the comparisons between my research for each topic. Last essay when researching recycling I struggled to find reliable sources to utilize in my argument but I was able to find many personal stories surrounding the psychology of recycling of community members. On the other hand, when looking into bisexuality I have discovered a larger amount of reliable sources and studies but a lack of personal stories or outlooks. Originally I would have assumed the opposite for these topics but I wonder if I am struggling to find personal stories for bisexuality because of a real lack of access to it, or is it because these voices are being overlooked?



  1. nlundahl

    This topic is really interesting to me because there is so much debate in the LGBTQ+ community about if certain identities are valid and if they have a place in the community. There is also a disproportionate amount of attention and representation given to certain members of the community, and while any proper representation is good many identities are getting overlooked and hidden, and people aren’t being made aware there is a whole spectrum rather than this binary system of either straight or gay.

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