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I-Search: For a Topic

Posted on March 5, 2019

Although still not set on one definitive topic as of today, in regards to the upcoming I-Search paper I have a list of proposed topics primarily influenced by my interests forming in my medical sociology course as well as recent experiences in my life.

One topic I’m interested in is in regards to research into recycling and its effects here on Stony Brook. Recently I’ve learned about the major changes occurring in recycling here in Brookhaven county and about the effects it is having on Stony Brook’s ability to recycle¬† its waste on campus. I want to investigate the causes of the changes as well as the effects (both positive and negative) on campus.

Other ideas I’ve considered are largely influenced by experiences in classes of mine from this semester. One topic is in relation into the growth mindset and its benefits on students and in life in general. We learned a little about the subject in our First Year Seminar courses but I’m interested in researching the science behind the subject and how it can affect a students being. And finally another topic of interest is due to my experiences in my medical sociology course here with mental health and education. I’m thinking of exploring in relation to last weeks reading on the spirits of students and changes in college students well-beings over time.


  1. nlundahl

    The topics that you are considering researching sound very interesting. I am especially interested to learn about the growth mindset since it something I have always practiced but never knew there was a name for it until the presentations at orientation.

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