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The passage of time

Posted on May 1, 2019

Over the course of the semester, I learned a lot about my writing style and how it differs from my peers. I saw that I am a messy writer. My ideas jump from place to place: making connections here and there. In this course, I figured out that I need detailed outlines to straighten out my paper. I still have trouble understanding what the topic and the flow is suppose to be. I am very thankful for Professor Lucenko’s papers that thoroughly explained what the flow should be like for each paper and the example pieces. I was able to reference them when I diverged far off the path. During this semester, I also learned how to efficiently utilize SBU databases, and how to find official research. My understanding of audience awareness has improved and I have a new found respect towards peer reviews. Peer review sessions are super helpful.

My opinion of myself as a writer has dropped. I’m a far worse writer than I thought I was. I’m glad I’m more aware of my flaws now because I know where to focus my attention on. My issues lie with structure and divergence from the flow. I have found that very detailed outlines are helpful to my cause. I’m glad that I took this course and learned so much about myself as a writer and been able to improve on my weak points.


  1. alberry

    becky, im glad to know that someone over the course of this semester was able to learn about themselves as a writer this semester. this semester i didnt really find my voice bc i felt like i already found it in high school. i really only honed in on my voice and better adapted it. i believe its a good thing that wrt 102 was sort of a wake up call for you. it is better to find out now right when college started as opposed to later on when its already too late to go back.

  2. lutting

    I too learned how to more effectively express my voice throughout my writing in this course. Although you learned that there are some flaws in your writing, I dont think you should loose confidence in your writing abilities. Since you have already pointed out these flaws, I believe with practice, you can be a very strong writer!

  3. Kristina Lucenko

    Becky — you worked very hard this semester and I hope you are proud of yourself for that. I agree with Lauren — don’t lose confidence in your writing abilities. It’s common and OK to stumble during the learning process — it can feel overwhelming sometimes but that’s when we grow. Step by step, word by word, star by star. Just reach out to trusted friends and professors for support and help when you need it. Stay in touch!

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