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I-Search for Something

Posted on March 4, 2019

Possible research topics are lucid dreaming, marijuana, and vandalism. I want to learn if it is possible to and how to communicate through dreams. Intentional communication seems to require awareness and readiness during the dreams-thus, the topic of focus will be lucid dreaming.  For marijuana, I want to learn how it affects teenagers and young adults to smoke marijuana and consume it. I’m curious on the statistics of what the marijuana sold is laced with and the negative side effect of marijuana on young minds. I would also like to learn the statistics across the country and worldwide of marijuana use. For vandalism, I want to learn about how to do it while reducing the chances of getting caught and what are the most popular tools.  I would also like to figure out my ideal signature for the activity.

The phrase, “research process” screams 50 tabs on one window and 20 screams of frustration. I would like to learn how to utilize the sources I have in Stony Brook University. I would also like to learn how to find specific research when there doesn’t seem to be any.


  1. nlundahl

    The idea of lucid dreaming is really interesting, I don’t really know a lot of about it because my only exposure to it has been in fictional stories, but if it was possible I would be interested in learning more about. The rest of the ideas that you mentioned are interesting as well, and I am also fully expecting to have at least five screams of frustration while working on this paper.

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