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Journey as a writer

Posted on May 6, 2019

     Over the course of the semester, my understanding of academic writing has changed completely. I became more comfortable with writing argumentative pieces, understanding how to back my claims up correctly with evidence and learned how to correctly cite in MLA and APA format. Appreciating the value of drafting early on in the course allowed me to be able to write freely without restriction, knowing I am able to go back and improve my piece and add in any additional information. My understanding of research changed as well, I learned a lot in how to properly search for sources through the database on Stony Brooks library website. Knowing how to filter your searches through types of sources, date, and keywords have streamlined my research process. Overall, as a writer I’ve learned to become more comfortable creating essays and enjoying the entire process from start to finish, and really taking time to go back and revise my essays to ensure I have the best piece possible. Compared to my relationship with writing a year back, it has changed completely and opened my eyes to being able to write for enjoyment, rather than for a grade or requirement. 

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