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It’s been a good ride, Wolfie Blog post #10

Posted on May 4, 2019

I remember the first day that I came to class, I having not took a college level writing class yet, was nervous yet excited at the same time. I did not know how different it was going to be from my highschool writing class but I knew I would learn many things from this class. This assumption was right because I did learn many important skills as the semester progressed. My understanding of rhetoric changed in the sense that in the pass I wasn’t really writing by considering my audience so most of the time all of my pieces were not aimed at one group of people but in a sense to everyone in general. This way of writing I realized was not a strong point because if I didn’t focus on a specific demographic then my writing would come off as lackluster and not have the same persuasive abilities as those pieces that are geared toward a specific audience. In other words, through this class, I was able to change my writing so that it focused on a specific group of people so that it had a bigger impact on those who read my pieces and in a way this improved my writing a great deal because by adding a sense of purpose to my writing I was able to come up with stronger arguments and reasoning to back such arguments up. My understanding of academic writing has changed in the sense that I had to focus more on what the task is asking instead of just writing whatever because in the past I was known to “beat around the bush” so instead of answering the prompt in a direct way,  I would be known to talk on and on about irrelevant information just to have a longer essay. With this change in how I write, I clearly saw just how much more effective my essays are, and how my essays improved in their flow because now everything makes sense for being where its at and also the transitions from paragraph to paragraph makes more sense now. My understanding of research changed in the sense that through this WRT 102 class, I finally learned how to use databases and in a sense this allowed me to find alot more suitable evidence for my research essays and I definitely can feel that my writing has become more professional and worthy of being online because of how I try to make sure that the evidence that is to be used are peer reviewed and accurate. In addition, through this class, I started using different signal phrases when introducing the pieces of evidences so that my writing doesn’t seem as repetitive so that the audience can enjoy it more. My thinking as a writer has changed in general, in the sense that now I value the idea of peer reviewing and editing alot more because in the past I never saw the importance of checking over my essay more than once or having someone else check it because I always thought my writing was good enough but oh how wrong I was. Through the many peer review sessions we had and conferences with Professor Lucenko, I was able to greatly improve my pieces of writing and learn to value the revising process alot because without it, I realized I wouldn’t be able to write such strong essays that I am able to write these days.


  1. tyeon

    I also liked how peer review sessions and conferences were made available frequently to improve our pieces of writing. They provided great support and viewpoints that I took great note when attempting to revise my work. Peer review was great because the peers also had gone through their processes of completing the same work and so they would easily agree or disagree with parts of the essays I would recognize. I also learned to officially do research process using various databases and sources for the first time.

  2. Gianna

    The library sessions pertaining to the databases were really helpful for me as well. I’m definitely not a tech savvy person, but learning how to use the connecting words in the search bar made my life so much easier when it came to narrowing down sources.

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