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Ganja and Athletes – Blog #9

Posted on April 10, 2019

What surprised me the most about my topic “Should NCAA and Professional Athletes Be Allowed to Smoke Weed Where Legal” is the disregard organizations have for research supporting the fact they should be allowed. I read up on how statistically college athletes have the highest stress level do to the sheer amount of work they have to do. You think your workload in college is hefty now? Try adding a few hours of practice everyday and see how much stress that causes. Weed is proven to be a safe, natural way to help destress and relax yet the organizations like NCAA ban it because of the stigma behind it. There’s an enormous amount of research showing the marijuana is safer than alcohol yet it still is banned but alcohol is let rock. It’s almost like these organizations don’t care about the health of their athletes, they only care about how they look to the public



    Would you possibly argue the counter claim that maybe some athletes shouldn’t drink ? It is a strong claim, but by making the claim that weed is safer than alcohol it seems as if you are slanted somewhat in that opinion. I think your argument could be presented in an extremely interesting manner because there is such a negative stigma behind smoking marijuana.

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