I changed as a writer

Before taking WRT 102, the last time that I can honestly say that I wrote an essay was more than a year ago. I spent my time in class writing persuasive and synthesis essays- rarely given assignments on rhetoric academic writing and research. Rhetoric Academic was synonymous to a storytelling essay to me before this […]

Blog # 10– The End.

Writing has never been my cup of tea—it just wasn’t for me. There was just something about constructing words of sentences of paragraphs of an essay that proved to be difficult for me. In some aspects, I considered the task to be harder than any other assignment that I have ever been given. I never […]

The End of the Road

Well, this is the end of the road (hopefully). I really enjoyed doing these vlogs because I felt it was a way to express my thoughts and opinions to my classmates. They helped me expand my knowledge and writing skills. I am a more confident writer because these forced me to practice my writing even […]

Wonders of Writing 102

Ahhhh, Writing 102. I did not want to take this class but I had no choice since it’s a requirement. Unsurprisingly, while I love to write, I don’t like writing essays with an overhanging deadline or as a measurement of my performance. Writing is an art that is unique to each person and understood by […]