My Journey In Writing

  I have learned a tremendous amount about writing from taking Writing 102 this semester. I learned that academic writing can be very fun and entertaining and not something to be alarmed about. I used to dread writing papers in school because I was always assigned to write about a certain topic that I had […]

How Far I’ve Come

Throughout WRT 102, I have noticed a huge change in my writing as a whole. From my outlook on my writing to my writing style, I have noticed changes in the way I write for the better. Along with that, I have learned how to better understand the intricacies of writing and even develop some […]

Start from Scratch

Over the course of the semester, my most prominent change in my writing has been my process. Depending on the assignment, I spent anywhere from 1-3 days on an essay at most with maybe one revision session. This was mostly to correct blatant grammatical errors and to add more sophisticated vocabulary for formality’s sake. Never […]

Journey as a writer

     Over the course of the semester, my understanding of academic writing has changed completely. I became more comfortable with writing argumentative pieces, understanding how to back my claims up correctly with evidence and learned how to correctly cite in MLA and APA format. Appreciating the value of drafting early on in the course […]

This is the END!

Writing wasn’t that hard for me, at least that’s what I used to believe. I used to believe that I ‘m good with words, and I can express my feelings freely through them. But everything changed when I had to write academically; I struggled trying to use a different kind of tone in my writings. […]

WRT 102 reflection

This semester is probably the worst semester I had before. All the classes I took are upper level classes. These classes all have tons of homework to do and most of them usually took me at least couple days to finish them. Writing 102 is one of the class that required a lot of works, […]


Throughout this semester, my process of writing has changed entirely. In high school, I was always given formats and outlines to follow. In WRT 102, we were not given any specific outlines that were necessary to follow. While we did have guidelines required for the essay, the construction of the essays was up to the […]