Blog #10 Recap

At the beginning of WRT 102, I was very relucted. I didn’t like that Stony Brook forced us to take a writing class to graduate. English was always a hard topic for me since English is my second language, sometimes in my head, Korean and English collate with each other and disrupt the sentences I […]

Let’s Recap

My experiences with writing this semester have definitely been a mix of ups and downs, but they all ended up rewarding me with huge development as a writer. I started off not having written a proper essay in almost a year, so naturally my writing was a bit rusty, which overwhelmed me at times. I […]

A Learning Experience

  Writing 102 has changed me in more ways than one. Before I took this class I was an exclusively creative writer, reading mostly fiction and using my own imagination to make works of my own. While I had previously written academic essays in high school, I never had any real interest in what I […]

I’m Ready to Write Anything

Going back to the beginning of the semester, I thought this was going to be a very standard writing course, like the ones I took before in high school. I thought we would have readings every day, discuss the reading in class, write something about it, and move on to the next, with the occasional […]

looking back

Throughout this past semester, I have had the privilege of learning more about myself as a writer as well as the art of writing through taking Writing 102. In this course, I have learned more about what rhetoric is, how to write academically with proper research, and more about who I am as a writer. […]