Let’s Recap

My experiences with writing this semester have definitely been a mix of ups and downs, but they all ended up rewarding me with huge development as a writer. I started off not having written a proper essay in almost a year, so naturally my writing was a bit rusty, which overwhelmed me at times. I […]

A Learning Experience

  Writing 102 has changed me in more ways than one. Before I took this class I was an exclusively creative writer, reading mostly fiction and using my own imagination to make works of my own. While I had previously written academic essays in high school, I never had any real interest in what I […]

My Journey In Writing

  I have learned a tremendous amount about writing from taking Writing 102 this semester. I learned that academic writing can be very fun and entertaining and not something to be alarmed about. I used to dread writing papers in school because I was always assigned to write about a certain topic that I had […]

How Far I’ve Come

Throughout WRT 102, I have noticed a huge change in my writing as a whole. From my outlook on my writing to my writing style, I have noticed changes in the way I write for the better. Along with that, I have learned how to better understand the intricacies of writing and even develop some […]