A Learning Experience

  Writing 102 has changed me in more ways than one. Before I took this class I was an exclusively creative writer, reading mostly fiction and using my own imagination to make works of my own. While I had previously written academic essays in high school, I never had any real interest in what I […]

How Little You Know

  Islam and Islamophobia is a topic heard by most people, especially after the recently declared war on terrorism. By proxy Islam has a near constant presence it the media. Going off of this statement, I’d say the most important thing people don’t know about my topic is how little most people actually know about […]

Citations and Quotations

  Reading Kyle Stedman’s “Annoying Ways People Use Quotations” has effectively changed my writing life. Just reading half of his article I realized I partook in most of the annoyances he discussed almost unashamedly. For the longest time I’ve wondered why I have so much trouble with research papers. It turns out a detailed solution […]

A Literary Sponsorship

  Like any athlete or celebrity, the average Joe has his own endorsements. No, not to advertise bags or makeup or sneakers, but something most people aren’t usually interested in buying- writing skills. Every person has their own benefactor, perhaps knowingly or completely unawares. One thing is clear though- literacy has a sponsor.   In […]