I’m Ready to Write Anything

Going back to the beginning of the semester, I thought this was going to be a very standard writing course, like the ones I took before in high school. I thought we would have readings every day, discuss the reading in class, write something about it, and move on to the next, with the occasional […]

My Topic Got Way More Complicated

For some context, my topic is about why doctors get paid so much compared to most other jobs and whether it’s possible to decrease wages, while still maintaining the quality of the health care industry. I think it’s pretty obvious that health care in America is incredibly expensive and seems inflated compared to other countries […]

Why Do Doctors Get Paid So Much?

Recently, I decided to completely change my topic. My original idea for this paper was to write about the TSA and how we should limit their funding/power, since, statistically, they aren’t very effective at fighting security threats. After more thought, I thought this topic would be pretty boring and many people probably wrote similar essays […]

To Cite or Not to Cite

I remember in 8th grade, when I first learned about citing sources and writing research papers, I used to quote whole sentences and start a new paragraph with just the quote I used. “Kind of like this” I pretty much broke every rule in the book and made it as complicated as possible for the […]

Research Essays Are Fun I Swear

I always dreaded writing research papers. It always seemed so unnecessarily complicated and had more busy work than basically any other type of essay. Regardless of what I think about writing research essays, I think research essays are the most useful and impactful essays. These are the essays which get people to possibly think differently […]

Every Draft Sucks

When I’m done writing something, I always think I wrote some kind of masterpiece. I spend about an hour trying to come up with something to write, visualize the whole piece in my head, and then translate my ideas into writing. Basically, it’s a foolproof plan. I’m so confident in my writing that I rarely […]

Sponsor Me

I think the first time I heard the word sponsor, I was probably in 4th or 5th grade. My school started a fundraiser which involved getting people to sponsor students for doing math problems. I haunted my relatives for weeks, begging them for as little as a nickel. At the end of the fundraiser, I […]

I’m an illiterate

If someone asked me how to start writing a blog post about redefining literacy, I would probably tell them to define the term and try to break the conventional use of the word. This, however, wouldn’t be very interesting since every other person seemed to start it the same way. The audience is probably bored […]