Blog 8 – Woman and Chess

Most people probably don’t know that the International World Chess Federation has two types of titles, open titles and women titles. In the open titles, both women and men could earn the title of Grandmaster, International Master, FIDE Master, or Candidate Master.  And in the women titles, clearly only women could participate in it, they […]

How to Quote

          In the article, “Annoying Ways People Use Sources”, the author, Kyle Stedman give bad examples of citation and explanation of how they can be improved. Kyle suggests that when you want to quote, you have to build up to your quotation, meaning you have to introduce your sentence before you […]

Blog#5 I-Search Topic

There are currently only two possible I search topics, I am interested in. First one is about technology. It is true that society is improving as the technology is improving . However, if people keep relying on technology to do simplest task, humanity has a dark future. Each individual is losing the ability to do […]

Blog#4 Pressure from all sides

In the radio show, “Back to School”, the host invited people with different occupation such an economist and psychiatrist to discuss the idea of non-cognitive skills. They first started to talk about GED. The economist mentioned that  an average GED course is about 32 hours and a regular high school course about 1000 hours. He […]

Blog#2 Literacy Sponsors

In the excerpt, Sponsors of Literacy, the author Deborah Brandt takes a journey of educational system through the history. Before the mid-nineteenth century, students worked in places where they can have a proper understanding of their subject.  And they were able to learn more than it was necessary. Brandt gives an example with the printer. […]