Faulty Minds, The Sequel

Since doing research about my topic, the most interesting thing that I have learned is that anxiety has surpassed depression as the most common mental health disorder, affecting anywhere from between 38% to 55% of all college students. This fact surprised me because for a while, I had conflated the ideas of anxiety and depression […]

Faulty Minds

I am writing my research paper on the topic of mental health. Specifically, it deals with how I believe that American citizens are increasingly suffering from worsened mental health. I chose this topic after recent events involving people I know made me increasingly interested and concerned about the overall mental health trends in the United […]

Research Revelations

The entire process of the I-Search Essay made me incredibly uncomfortable. I was constantly lost, not knowing what to do and how to possibly start, until I realized that I was doing the process wrong. I had tried to develop an essay before doing the search instead of developing an essay about the search, which […]

The Issues Right Here

Much like the literacy narrative, I struggled to come up with ideas for the I-search essay. There are not many stories of my life that I enjoy telling, and it felt frightening for me to research an issue that would ultimately conclude in the raising of intensely personal questions. Brainstorming ideas is always the most […]

Patterns in the Ivy

When William Zinsser wrote an article entitled “College Pressures”, the year was 1979. Yet, judging from the content of his writing, it would not be unreasonable to assume that it could have been writing within the last five minutes. As the college process has only gotten more competitive and taxing, Zinsser offers insight as to […]

On Literacy

In elementary school, as I was in the midst of beginning my journey as an English student, one of my teachers stated that two separate realms in which we had been working in – “reading” and “writing” – would be combined under one umbrella term: “literacy”. Instead of being told to work on our writing, […]