looking back

Throughout this past semester, I have had the privilege of learning more about myself as a writer as well as the art of writing through taking Writing 102. In this course, I have learned more about what rhetoric is, how to write academically with proper research, and more about who I am as a writer. […]

improving citations

In preparation for writing my research essay, I read through Stedman’s “Annoying Ways People Use Sources”. This article points out common mistakes in formatting citations in papers, and how fixing them can help to improve a paper’s flow. For me, there were several important takeaways in how to improve my writing. First, the most relevant […]

Literacy Sponsors

When considering the United States population, it is obvious to see that literacy rates and abilities range significantly, not only between classes but also races and regions. To address the cause of these variations, Deborah Brandt explores the concept of a literacy¬†sponsor in her article The Sponsors of Literacy, and proposes these promoters as the […]

Defining Literacy Today

Much of human knowledge development hinges on associations between concepts. This is often harmless and helps us draw useful conclusions. However, this tendency becomes dangerous when categorizing people under terms ‘literate’ and ‘illiterate’, tied to societal views of intelligence and success. This causes a divide between those formally educated, and those ‘literate’ in other senses. […]