Blog #10 Recap

At the beginning of WRT 102, I was very relucted. I didn’t like that Stony Brook forced us to take a writing class to graduate. English was always a hard topic for me since English is my second language, sometimes in my head, Korean and English collate with each other and disrupt the sentences I […]

Blog #4 Education

The US education system has been getting worse and worse with every generation since the end of the cold war. In Tal’s “Back to School” and William Zinsser’s “College Pressures”, they share the problems with current real-life situations. In “College Pressures”, there are notes from students to the Yale University’s residential college dean, Carlos Hortas. […]

Blog #3 Drafts

In Murray’s “The Maker’s Eye” and Lamott’s “Shitty First Draft”, they explain the importance of first drafts and how it can affect the overall feel and structure of your final piece. Lamott further explains that most first drafts aren’t perfect or structured or have strong support for the final piece. The first draft is like […]

Blog #2 Sponsor

In most cases when the word sponsor is thrown around, we think about companies sponsoring large sports events in the hopes to sell products and get more users or huge billboards all around time square drawing for your attention. In “Sponsors of Literacy” by Deborah Brandt, she shows a new type of sponsor called a […]

Blog #1 Literacy

Out of the readings about literacy, Yang Huang’s “Why I Write in English” connected with me the most. Her life story of multiple languages and immigration had many parallels with my life, I grew up in Korea and only knew Korean. When I immigrated to the US, English, and Korean have almost no similarities, from […]