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  • Murray introduced seven elements in the writing in “The Maker’s Eye”. The order of those seven elements are subject, audience, form, structure, dimension, development and tone. Those elements are keys to the way […]

  • Donald Murray’s “The Makers’ Eye” hits all points on what a writer must have to have that amazing essay. One of those key aspects is tone. He describes the tone as the invisible force, the writers’ voice. The […]

  • The world is cruel; there’s injustice and malice displayed daily. There’s a lot that one person can’t change, and if a group effort is made it could take years, if accomplished at all. There’s inevitable […]

  • The passage  of the Maker’s Eye by Donald Murray tells an informational way on how to write, what goes into writing, the feeling of after competing the writing process. Funny how you can theoretically never fi […]

  • From the article The Maker’s Eye by Donald Murray, he introduced seven elements in the writing. When your first draft already has subject, audience, form, structure, development, dimension, and tone, then you can […]

  • This week throughout the peer edit process I found it to be very helpful. Having someone besides yourself read your writing helps to know what you need to change, add, and get rid of. For example, my peer editor […]

  • I 100% agree with Lamott’s piece “Shitty First Drafts”. When writing I always struggle to just start writing and then once I do I spend way too much time trying to perfect my writing, and I feel like many people […]

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    The process of peer review is extremely helpful and important in the process of writing. There are various factors that peer review helps to examine in your writing. To start grammar and spelling will be checked […]

  • Going on with the topic of drafts, after reading Lammot’s thought on first drafts I came upon the chance to read what Donald M. Murray had to say about first drafts. What I like about such kind of essays is that […]

  • Anne Lammot, being the exemplary writer that she is, has written an impeccable yet very relatable piece of writing that each writer out there can agree upon. Lammot is able to depict the horrors of writing a good […]

  • After reading “The Maker’s Eye,” I am about to relate to Murray’s point on writers having ego. Ever since I was little, writing was not my favorite thing to do. Whenever I had to free write or respond to a prompt, […]

  • In the passage “Shitty First Drafts” written by Lamott, I agree with his ideas because a first draft is only the beginning of the writing process. In order for a piece to be perfect, it takes time to construct and […]

  • I do agree with Murray’s  point that a writer need not always write multiple times or reread the draft several times. I also agree that  professional writers tend to go over several drafts over their head or g […]

  • After reading “The Maker’s eye” I feel like I have thought of a new way on how to write a solid piece of work. Murray exposed me to the reality of writing, explaining some techniques people use realistically to […]

  • In the article, “The Maker’s Eye” by Donald Murray it talks about people writing first drafts of writing pieces. It states how people think the correcting a first draft is just correcting the typographical error […]

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    When I read the Phaedrus in the past, I always got the impression that Socrates and Thamus associated with remembering and wisdom as active actions and reminding and the appearance of wisdom as passive actions. […]

  • After reading “The Makers Eye,” I began to reconsider whether or not I shared similar feelings to that of an amateur writer. I like to think that my first draft is the best that it could be, but sometimes I have […]

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    Last Weekend, I went to LA to watch my favorite band’s concert with my best friends. The atmosphere of the concert was very hot. I have had a good time. It is very fun and I really enjoyed the show. This is the […]

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    After reading Lamott’ s ‘Shitty First Drafts’ I do agree with the fact that first drafts are indeed a bit shitty. Mainly because of the fact that there a lot of ideas that we wish to express in a very short span. […]

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    I am strongly agree the idea Lamott talks about in his passage Shitty First Draft. Many writers are struggle with writing first draft. I have the sense that when every time I am writing a new essay, it is very […]

  • davirga wrote a new post, Blog #2 1 week, 1 day ago

    Reading “Shitty First Drafts” brought me a sense of comfort to know that other people (especially successful writers) are also making horrible first drafts. I definitely struggle with expressing my ideas […]

  • On the topic of shitty first drafts I agree with the with the author that the first draft should be able to serve not as a polished piece pice if work but a messed up place where fixing and new ideas is suppose to […]

  • After reading Lamott’s “Shitty First Drafts”, I realized that not every writer is able to sit down, then pick up a pen or pencil and immediately have tons of words to be written down in mind. Writing is not hard, […]

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    Reading Lamott’s article, “Shitty First Drafts”, made me realize a good writer does not always have to have an extra ordinary imagination or writing skills, but more importantly he must have the will and patience […]

  • From the article Shitty First Draft by Lamott, the writer used some examples from his friends and people he knows to introduce the first draft. Then he mentioned his experiences of writing the reviews for foods to […]

  • I was added into this class on Thursday of week 2. After missing the discussions and assignments done prior to me arriving, which I presume were about writing, first drafts, and tools to use during reading and […]

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  • The article by Lamott’s, “Shitty First Drafts” discusses how the first draft should be purely getting ideas on the paper. The most difficult part of writing a paper is coming up with ideas, whether its for a […]

  • In Lamott’s “Shitty First Drafts,” writing a shitty first draft is encouraged. My high school English teacher once said that if your first draft is your best draft then there’s going to be a problem. I agree with […]

  • Socrates was a Greek philosopher and thinker who lived in the fifth-fourth centuries B.C. and whose ideas gave rise to the philosophy of utilitarianism. Socrates wrote nothing himself, but his teachings can be […]

  • The article “Shitty First Drafts” by Lamott, states many positive things that come out of a first draft in writing. First he stated the reality of writing, no professional writer sits down and makes an amazing […]

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              Time goes so fast, my college life has started for two weeks. It is very excited for me to being a college student. The United States Universities have big different from Chinese Universities. I think A […]

  • In the article, “Shitty First Drafts” by Lamott it says how even successful writers are just as troubled with their writing as regular writers. The article shows us all the even though these rich and successful […]

  • I am the type of writer that even when I write my first drafts, I get feedback from my peers and use resources such as Grammarly. However, in my final paper, I still notice the drastic changes from my initial […]

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    Howard Zinn put forward some ideas about how artists can become the voice of each country’s conscience. The role of the artist is telling the truth when you see the truth. The real art creation is truth, whether […]

  • This is a test

  • After read Zinn’s Artists in Times of War, I agreed with the idea that being professional limits human beings to working within the confines set by their profession. Nowadays, everyone is categorized into […]

  • davirga wrote a new post, Blog #1 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    In current society, where one’s value is determined by wealth and social status, it is common to look down upon artists. I’ve been quite familiar with this concept for a long time. Since dancing was my hobby, I […]

  • The article “The Case Against Grades” by Alfie Kohn has been my mind a lot these past few days, Kohn mentioned some very valid points. Grades affect the way we view education, especially in high school where we […]

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  • In Howard Zinn’s “Artists In Times Of War,” he mentions that the saying “you have to be professional” restricts people to the confines of their profession. Later, he mentions different professions and how the US’ […]

  • On the reading of Zinn: “Artists in Times of War” I want to talk about what the significance of talking about Artists and society’s way of Categorizing individuals based on their careers. First off he talks about […]

  • It’s the time for back to school and study. I got a rest summer vacation, reading some books by Agatha Christie which is my favorite writer. I feel when I start school, I became busy for courses, does not have […]

  • I know this topic seems to be a bit weird for most of you present here but to all the International students like me out there, this is a blog that you must read. After so many years of being accustomed to the […]

  • The exciting college life began,i have been studying in high school for five years because of my illness. Last year, I often had former classmates tell me what them college life was like,This makes me look for […]

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  • Hey,

    I am Shail. I am a Freshman at SBU. I am majoring in Computer Science and aim to get into Big Data Management in the Future.

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    Hey, Chose this Den randomly but when I read the description it pretty much seemed to align with who I am. Proud to be a part of this Den.

  • Firstly to set it out there everyone present out there has to attend some form of schooling and attain a specific degree of education, be it even the most simplest. Now when someone enters school and they are […]

  • “The Case Against Grades”, written by Kohn, has mentioned several effects of the grading system on students such as diminishing students interests, reducing the quality of students thinking and so on. Despite the […]

  • In the article,  “The Case Against Grades” by Alfie Kohn it is stated multiple times that grades should be removed from the school system in order for students to have more interest in their work. While this idea […]

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  • As the age of the internet continues, blogging becomes a hobby, and even a profession for millions of people. Blogs can range to any subject such as, food, cars and even politics. Blogs allow people to express […]

    • Great job connecting the concept of intrinsic motivation in these two essays. I think that the argument that grades provide students with motivation is valid, but I also like how Reid builds his argument that intrinsic motivation is useful in developing good writing skills. After all, as he notes, most if not all professional careers require facility in writing. Setting personal writing goals helps…

  • I remember first grappling with what to write about in my own blog as a twelve-year-old. I had watched the MTV show “Awkward,” where a teenage girl wrote about her daily life in a private blog online, and co […]

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        According to a book that I’ve read Sonia Sotomayor’s “My Beloved World”. I got some ideas to define”Success”. I think “success” means a person can earn enough money to feed himself and has ability to fin […]

  • In “Why Blog? Searching for Writing on the Web” written by Alex Reid, I am able to learn about the different aspects of blogging and how it helps enhance your creativity. At first, I’ve always thought that […]

  • The Alex Reid essay has opened up my mind in not just blogging, but writing as a whole. My whole life I was never confident in writing especially long papers and I always found it boring. However, I never took the […]

    • Good! Glad this essay was useful. I think his larger point — that blogging is a way to find some inartistic motivation to develop good writing skills — is a good one.

  • angao wrote a new post, Blog 1 2 weeks, 4 days ago

    I’ ve read Kohn’s article “The Case Against Grades ” It reminds me something about grades. In my personal point of view, I think grades are not supposed to be the only way of measuring a person’s value, nor the […]

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    Age and Perspective
    By Francisco Gonzalez Bonilla

    Getting older changes one’s perspective about what is really important in life. In his short story, A Clean, Well-Lighted Place (1933), Ernest Hemingway uses contrasting sentence types to highlight how people see life differently depending on what stage of their lives they are in. The text is o…[Read more]

    • I’ve never read this story before, but it sound quite interesting. I agree with you that there seems to be a general gap in understanding between youth and the elderly. Youth seem only to worry about money and moving forward, while the elderly seem to want to the things slow and savor the time they have left in already deteriorating body, as…[Read more]

    • I have never read this piece by Ernest Hemingway, but your post inspired me to read it before the fall semester commences. I love the thought provoking and open-ended topics that authors include, just like Hemingway did with the opinions on what’s most important in life. With that said, it was crucial for Hemingway to give various perspectives to…[Read more]

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    The 30 Experimental Commandments
    By Justin Bolusi

    Nothing better than example to prove a point. In Jack Kerouac’s experimental piece “Belief and Technique for Modern Prose,” he blends modern writing technique with personal experience to create commandments on modern writing. Instead of having the reader slog through a traditional compl…[Read more]

    • Hi Justin! I really enjoyed reading your blog post about Kerouac’s “Belief and Technique for Modern Prose.” Your analysis was well-organized and clear, which made your insightful analysis really come through for the reader. The unusual characteristics of his writing seem to really stand out. For example, you point out that the author writes “yr”…[Read more]

    • Hi Justin
      You made a lot of astute observations about “Belief and Technique for Modern Prose” for your blog post, like the number of commas that Kerouac used and his abbreviation of “your” as “yr.” It reminds me of the careless and colloquial way that people send text messages and leave out punctuation. His ideas also remind me of one of the Kolln…[Read more]