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  • Kleege:

    “They thought what you knew was nothing but deafness and blindness. They couldn’t imagine that you knew anything else, that you could tell them anything else worth knowing.”

    Society today typic […]

  • I want to go back home to Queens! I recently left to go home on Thursday so I can surpise my mom at her job before she left to Guatemala. I wanted to see her because she wouldnt be there the week I come back so I […]

  • I cannot wait for this thanksgiving break; I’ve been so stressed for the past couple of weeks. Midterms back to back and then our finals coming up. I am going to use this break to detox all the stress I had, e […]

  • By: Adeola Adeyeye


    Are you currently in a state of homeostasis? In “A General Feeling of Disorder” by Oliver Sacks, the author states that “nothing is more crucial to the survival and independence of org […]

  • Based on the peer review, I should incorporate multiple sources into my writing, as well as a works cited page for readers to evaluate the credibility. I have also discovered that there is a citation error, such […]

  • I think that the peer review was very helpful in editing and adding to my essay. I can think of how to make the first sentence more appealing to draw in the reader. I should also explain in more detail what the […]

  • Hello all, finals are approaching and it’s so tiring!!!!!! I have studied so much, i think i’m just not a good test taker. It’s okay i do well in everything else like homeworks lol. I got a surprise visit this […]

  • During peer review, my partner has provided a lot of insight towards the way my essay was written. She has brought to my attention some ways on how my essay is structured and also talked about some areas of […]

  • During peer review, my partner provided a lot of insight on how much I was missing from my paper and better ways to improve it. My sources are all from scientific journals and articles but it was pointed out that […]

  • Part 1:

    Doing the peer review is always very helpful for me. Not only do I appreciate the comments I receive, but it also helps me to complete peer review for someone else’s paper. On my paper, I received c […]

  • After receiving my peer-review feedback, it helped me realize the areas that I needed to revise. For example, it brought to my attention the fact that I need to work on my transitions between paragraphs. As well, […]

  • After receiving feedback from a classmate, I saw what I did well on my essay which helps me see what I should keep in my essay. She also lets me know what I could add to the essay to strengthen my argument. After […]

  • For the peer review, I have learned that I should add more my own opinion and explanation in order to persuade the readers. She also commented that she has a hard time finding my thesis statement. I found out this […]

  • ENAVILA posted an update 1 week, 3 days ago

    1) I had one of my peers review some of my research paper outside of class. What he told me is that my thesis was strong, but I had to to reorganize my body paragraphs to flow better. He also said I could probably finish off ending a paragraph in a more relaxed way than being more forced to then go onto the next paragraph. Another issue he…[Read more]

  • After I read my partner’s research paper, I realize that I need more facts that are related the topic which can convince my reader. There are some places I had quotes from other sources, but I didn’t analysis it […]

  • The comments I had received on my researched argument draft mostly consisted of where I should correctly place certain bits of information along with some clarification. I was already aware that my citations […]

  • The thesis statement for my essay is: “disabled people have barriers to the benefits they could receive from sports due to the lack of recognition within society as well as the lack of opportunities for p […]

  • Part 1)

    I learned how to effectively find and employ evidence through reading my partner’s essay. I was having a hard time on my own picking out which facts that i should use and how to use them. Luckily my […]

  • I get a lot from peer review’s because it helps me when another person reads my writing because they always catch things that I normally wouldn’t in my own writing. By reading what Anum had to say about my ess […]

  • Part I:

    The sole comment I received on my draft was that I didn’t include a counter argument. However, I felt that I did, as to I addressed how assistive technology might not be the best solution for everyone. […]

  • Peer review is efficient time to give recommendations to my peer and get some points to develop my draft. First, I have learned how to attract the readers in introductory section from my peer. My peer’s i […]

  • Part 1: My paper wasn’t finished when I submitted it for peer review, I was missing many things like the annotated bibliography and citation and the second section of my paper. My partner Johnny Tsao reviewed my […]

  • In class on Tuesday, I peer-reviewed Daymi Garcia’s essay. She had only about two and a half pages written and it was a nice start, but she had a lot of work to do on it and that’s what I mainly repeated while […]

  • For my peer review, I was told useful feedback to apply to my essay.  I was told that in the beginning I have to make my thesis clear, create a smooth transition in between ideas, explain my ideas so it shows why […]

  • From reading the peer review I received for my own paper, it is evident that the biggest problem with my paper is that it currently lacks an opposing perspective. I plan on incorporating and talking about the […]

  • The comments I received on my research paper from the peer review were really helpful. A lot of comments were made on the fact that I have to support a lot of my claims through evidence from the sources I am […]

  • I received a good amount of comments on my essay. The reviewer of my essay brought up some good points about my essay that I would like to fix. One thing that was pointed out was that my introduction does not […]

  •  From reviewing my peer reviewed draft I understood that there need to be more content in my essay. I am missing a lot of citations and disregarded the counterargument. Further I need to create a work cited page […]

  • 1) On the actual essay itself, there was only a single comment made, which was just asking about what type accessibility was referring to when I said: “accessibility varies in your life.” But, I wasn’t referencing […]

  • I find that the in class peer review activities to be insightful because they allow me to gain feedback from another reader with a different perspective, who may not be familiar with my topic. Due to the fact […]

  • My peer review partner had been very helpful, not only did she points out where I lack details and explanation but she also suggested ideas that I can consider as well. One of the most helpful comments I found was […]

  • After reading the peer review from my partner, I realize that my introduction is to short and unclear. Also, I don’t have clear stance stated in my essay. Thus, I will have to work on my introduction and the […]

  • As a result of my peer review I was not only able to learn a great deal about other approaches that various students took to writing their research papers, but was also able to receive valuable insights from other […]

  • After reading through another classmate’s paper it helped me to realize that I should make the standpoints of my arguments clearer, so the reader can more easily see the points that I am trying to make. I also r […]

  • From the time we were born we were thrown into the storm of destruction. “oh, she smiles just like her father or  “boy, I just cannot figure out if she looks like his father or mother”. Of course, those […]

  • Yesterday I found out that my good friend Lissette will be going to a retreat for her church this weekend. The retreat is referred to as a Jornada and is Spanish for the word journey. The Jornadista Movement is a […]

  • I’m going to analyze a painting by Frida Kahlo entitled Self-Portrait as a Tehuana. I’ve always been drawn to Kahlo’s intricate and vivid art pieces especially since she embraces and incorporates her Mexican […]

  • Another day, another blog. What else is new? The answer to that is my horrible sleep schedule. Well, not really new, but it’s been happening since the beginning of October. Since then, I’ve been averaging abo […]

    • Well you see, I don’t seem to know what your strong motive to play basketball but I can relate to you when it comes to playing video games. Although I can’t relate when you say you wanna spend all your free time playing, if you have so much free time you can try to find a job, and being that you leave it to last minute is kind of pointless since you waste your actual time in games. Think of it this way, what do you gain from games, Fun? what else, nothing right? You can play games but the reason you came to college is to study and become someone in the world rather than doing nothing back home. I understand that studying and doing work early isn’t always a priority but if you missing sleep, you aren’t retaining any information in the lectures or classes making it pointless for you to even go. Learn to prioritize your work over your hobbies, that is if you want to be at a better standing at school.

    • I found this blog post pretty funny. I liked the irony in the end; you buying the water to still not end up doing your homework. Don’t worry though I’m on the same boat. I procrastinate for hours and hours; surprised I’m not doing this comment before class. Things will get better if you actually want to change things; lately I’ve been trying to manage my time. Hope you do the same.

    • Kaelan, I think everyone sleeping schedule is messed up. I’m averaging the same amount of sleep as you, but the only difference is that I preferred to take naps than going to the gym for 3-4 hours. This is college and we have to deal it. By the way, I want to fight (joking).

  • When a child is born he or she is innocent. How they act is based on how they feel. It’s until they begin living life that they begin to be influenced by their environment. The environment can either have a p […]

    • I like your discussion here about how environmental factors can shape a person (whether they intend for them to or not). You offer some good advise about how to stay true to one’s self, even among these environmental pressures.

  • Cesar wrote a new post, I’m lost 1 week, 5 days ago

    Oh man, life is a struggle. The past week one of the most stressful weeks and the future weeks don’t look too good. Midterms are killing me. I feel there are midterms every week. There are no breaks. Last week I h […]

    • I am really looking forward to reading your “Battle of the Bastards” essay! I hope our meeting helped, but I think that focusing on the camera angles, the colors, and the composition of scenes is a great idea. Think about what effect all of this has on the viewer. Why was it filmed in that particular way? What was the director trying to accomplish?

    • I feel the same Mr. Barahona. It’s getting harder to keep track of what is due and what I need to work on at the moment as time goes on this semester. One day you’re working on one thing, then all of a sudden you realize something else is due right after, then you realize that there’s another thing due tomorrow, then you realize there’s an essay due in 3 days, etc. We’re all in this together Mr. Barahona. Good luck in the future Mr. Barahona.

    • The struggle is real! I have been stressing out because my midterms are just …I do not even know how to describe it but I know it can be really frustrating. But just remember, in a few weeks you will be okay, relaxing and sleeping! Just keep going because it is worth!

  • As I read some blogs already posted I saw several on the topic of change, a topic I was ironically thinking about writing about. Change is something that is currently happening in my life, it can happen gradually […]

    • It seems like we are at that point in the semester where everyone is reflecting on their experiences and how those experiences have changed them. It sounds like being a division 1 one athlete has changed almost every aspect of your life, and it’s a big adjustment. It might be difficult, but it is awesome that you are so positive about it.

  • Basically, I have been studying for my midterms. I started to study two weeks before my midterm and you know what? I saw the first question in the exam and I knew I spend hours solving those exercises but for some […]

    • We are getting really close to December and the end of the semester, so hang in there. At least you have Christmas and coffee to get you through the daily grind of studying. I know it can be frustrating when you don’t do a well as you hoped, but it seems like you do know this stuff–you just have to stop second guessing yourself. Good luck!

  • When It comes to rhetoric in images, there are many methods that creators use to deliver their message. In one case, I have discovered a particular set of images that follow the same pattern. They put a twist on […]

    • This image is great! And I really like your argument about the artistic merit of video games. You might also want to consider how the painterly brush strokes in the painting help to convey a sense of movement, evoking the dynamism of the video game genre. I look forward to reading more of your analysis.

  • Have you ever tried to do an all- nighter on one of the weekdays? If you have, did you actually succeed? I am asking because this week I have accidently did an all- nighter to finish an essay that was due at […]

    • 😭😭 I procrastinate all the time but I don’t think I am good at pulling all nighters. I tend to get really tired after 10 and cant get work done. But If I have to I will but the latest I slept doing that was 1am. Your body needs the rest you know and if it doesn’t that affects us both physically and mentally. I think my all nighter have work saying I don’t go to bed too late like you did lol. But good luck with everything and GET SLEEP. LOL Ik is hard I’m working on time managing too.

    • I procrastinate all the time becuase Im too lazy to do the work. Plus sometimes when I procrastinate I actually do well then when I spread things out. But I get really sleep deprived which means I get sick often. Runny nose,heavy head,sleepiness is common for me especially in my senior year of high school. Though it is funny how I the first time I pull an all nighter, I actually felt fine. I was very energetic throughout the day not feeling sleepy at all. Maybe because I was kept busy and not thinking about sleep at all. Anyway just hold on for another month. Winter break is almost here.

  • Honestly, I do not even know what to write for this class anymore. I know there are various topics but like which one. It is like I might as well make up ideas, only if I could think of ideas though, but yea think […]

    • Hey, it looks like you wrote about some things that are very important to you! It always helps to have something to say. However, sometimes you don’t know what you have to say until you write it down.

    • Professor Davidson is right. Writing is actually a form of thinking, so sometimes the act of writing can help us to think about what we want to say.

  • Tomorrow I will be taking a midterm for my journalism class. Right now I am kind of nervous becasue this is the major I intend to have for my entire undergraduate college carrer. My goal is to become a sports […]

    • Overcoming anxiety produced by tests is definitely one of the challenges of taking them. While some people are energized by that anxiety, for others it can create some of the difficulties you described. I sounds like you are prepared for these exams, it is just a matter of performing on them. Good luck on your mid-term! 🙂

    • wow, I really support your dram job I believe reporter for NBA is a great job, don’t worry you’ll do fine not he midterm just stay focused and it help you overcome you anxiety. It is really nice to see another sports fan. I hope you achieve you dream and get the job you deserve. remember the journey will be difficult but as long as you stay focus and overcome anxiety you will be where you wanna be in a nick of time.


    For this week’s blog, I’m going to be talking about one of my favorite Haitian songs titled “m vle parenn.” in this song, Wanito (the author of this poem) tells about a dream that he had after taking and pass […]

    • Interesting discussion of this song. Do you think that Wanito wrote it as a warning to young men and women to avoid unwanted pregnancies?

      • in my opinion, I think that Wanito wrote it as way to help young men and young woman to understand the danger of getting and being pregnant especially if the man is unable to take of himself, the girl, and the baby. He advised us to first focus on school, and have a profession to support yourself and your future family before even thinking about getting a girl pregnant.

  • meinchen wrote a new post, Family 1 week, 5 days ago

    I went home for the weekend and it was great. I had time to myself, I relaxed and was filled with so many home cooked meals. That Friday, I got to the city at like six in the afternoon, and I thought that it was a […]

    • I’m glad that you had a safe and refreshing trip home, even if it didn’t seem like it would be at the start. This blog entry does a really good job of contrasting the less auspicious elements of your trip home–the shooting, the flickering lights– with the warmth comfort and safety you felt while in the company of your family.

    • It’s great spending time with your family after a long stressful week full of work. But there’s only a few weeks left until we finally get our little break. It sucks that when you got there it wasn’t that good because of the police cars and fire trucks. But as you went on things were so much better because family does that. It’s so nice to read that you had a good time with your family.

  • I think that I want to change. Not completely, but some aspects of my life. A quote that I recently heard said “Happiness and love are choices that we get to make in each and every moment.” Over the wee […]

    • I am glad that you found inspiration in your trip home and that you are looking forward to next semester (although we still have a few weeks to get through in this one). That also sounds like a great volunteering opportunity.

    • Wow Andre, thats crazy ! I am proud of you. Sometimes it takes a trip back home with the people you love to open your mind or heart. Don’t get discouarged. We are all in this together. Not too long ago did I have my little discovery of myself. We will all be the greatest! One step at a time.

  • I just thought with all the things going on in my life, I thought it was time for change. Change in what way you may ask? Well change in myself, I just wanted to do something different. So I woke up today and […]

    • It is so important to have a bit of “me-time,” an opportunity to not study. I am also really neglectful of my hair. I usually go far too long without cutting it, and then I’m scared to go to the salon because I know the hair dresser will yell at me for not taking care of my hair.
      I am glad that you have found the motivation to put in the work and try to improve your grades. Attending lectures and forming a study group are two great strategies.

  •        Its November. About two more weeks to thanksgiving break. Then another two weeks its the finals week. Man time sure do fly by very fast. Before I knew it the semester is about to end soon. It nice that eve […]

    • If I were you, I would worry about the quality of sushi. Bad sushi can lead to a whole mess of troubles. 🙂 I like sashimi better than roles.
      It seems like you have a good plan for approaching your finals. Have you tried writing out a study schedule so that you are making sure that you don’t neglect any of your classes?

  • Overall, I would have to say the semester is going fairly well. I have adapted and integrated to life as a college student. the only thing that bothers me about college is the insistent surplus of midterms. Each […]

    • I’m glad to hear that you are adapting to college life, both to the work load and the campus dining. It is especially good that you’ve figured out how to balance your academic and social life. Too much of one can lead to a burn out; too much of the other can lead to failure. But it is important to have a mix of the two.

    • It not just you man, we all go through tons of midterms, but we have to find a way to overcome them. People have graduated from this University so it is possible to do, we just have to make sacrifice and that’s just part of life. I still hate the food and I haven’t adapted to it in any way shape or form, since I have gotten here. Stay strong and keep fighting.

  • Joshua wrote a new post, Blog # 8 1 week, 5 days ago

    So, this week had been ehhh. I realized that I was so great in math that I thought I was, I will find that out tomorrow for certain though so I gotta make sure to start studying for those math tests. As well as […]

    • One of the most difficult aspects of the transition between high school and college is developing those good study habits. It’s not that you are not as good in math or sociology as you thought you were, it’s rather that college is so much different from high school. In high school you can get away with not studying for exams. Not so once you get to college where the material is much denser and moves much faster.

  • I just came back from going home this weekend in a long time, about a month, in hopes of having a very productive Monday. I came on this campus with my Monday all planned out. I only have four classes for this day […]

    • The entire reason that I have resisted getting into video games is that I am sure I would pull a Hussein on more than one occasion, start playing, get sucked in, and completely lose track of time. It happens, especially with a game as immersive as Call of Duty.

  • You know, you truly never know what someone is going through. And that simple fact comes and punches you in the face.

    I went on a retreat this weekend, I can truly say it was a weekend of revival. I encountered […]

    • The tendency to judge others more harshly than we judge ourselves is actually a psychological phenomenon called the Fundamental Attribution Error. We tend to understand the external factors that contribute to our behavior, but attribute other people’s behavior to internal factors.
      I’m glad that you had a positive retreat and that you are returning to school refreshed.

  • This year started with me being so sure I wanted to be a biology major with a pre-med track. I knew because that’s what I always dreamed of since I was young. There’s nothing else I wanted to do other than being a […]

    • It is perfectly fine to reevaluate what you want to do and to change your major while in college. Most students (I think something like 80% do). However, I wouldn’t let one class change your path like that. If you are going to change your major earlier is better than later (so that you focus on fulfilling requirements for your major), but you also don’t want to feel like you’ve given up your dreams and are now settling. Try to find something that you feel passionate about, that you love doing.


    Im not sure what to write about, i had great ideas over the week but i never wrote them down so here is a wild rampage of everything i was going to write about but cant fully remember, ENJOY!

    On day two […]

    • Great observation about Chiraq. The use of rhyming couplets also might be a reference to Aristophanes’ “Lysistrata,” which I believe was also written in rhyming verse in the original Greek. The fact that you take note of when the rhyme scheme is broken is also important. I am looking forward to reading your analysis.
      As a side note, I do hope that you do not find your eventual profession annoying. While every career has it downsides and its bad days, it is possible to do something that you love, something that won’t get old.

  • Socrates believes that everyone is born with a soul and that the soul is ever-lasting and continues to exist even beyond death. The soul continues to be reborn in different bodies; while the bodies die the souls […]

    • Nietzsche’s conception of bad consciousness is really interesting, especially because of the way that it idealizes nation founder (the founding fathers in our case). In politics, it sometimes feels like the founders are evoked like gods, patriotism a religion. It is interesting that Nietzsche links these ideas together.

  • Kazi Hoque

    AIM 102


    I have been very happy this week, as you know NBA ( National Basketball Association) season started and I love watching NBA because the game of basketball has always been my […]

    • This is the eighth blog. Can you believe it? Only two more to go! I am glad that you are having a good time with your fantasy basketball league. It was probably smart not to put any money on it. Gambling like that can be fun when your winning. Less so when you’re not. Betting on something like that would make me super anxious.

  • Call of Duty WW2 is such a great game. I’m sorry if I sound like a complete nerd but I’ve never been this excited to have played the new Call of Duty. I say new because as some of you know well, probably a few of […]

    • Feel free to let your nerd flag fly.
      I admit that I don’t play video games, but that’s only because I think that if I started I would become OBSESSED (that’s how I tend to operate; I have at least one obsession running at a all times, sometimes more). It is good that you have found a way to make sure that your studies don’t fall behind while you play.

  • Karima.O wrote a new post, 149 1 week, 6 days ago

    I miss the Bronx so much you have no idea, especially 149 grand concourse street where my high school is located. 149 street is the best. Why the best; let me explain. As a junk food lover 149 is the place to be. […]

    • I love this post. The closest thing to this concentration of junk food that we have around here is the food court and the mall, but that is still much less convenient than what you describe. 149 sounds like a junk food lover’s paradise.

  • The semester is almost coming to an end and I couldn’t be any happier. I must admit it is one of the most stressful times I have to go through. I always knew that the beginning is always going to be a tough one. I […]

    • The first year of college is a difficult transition. You have to figure out so much on your own, and there are bound to be a few wrong steps along the way. As you note, the best you can do is learn from them for the spring.

  • Well lets talk about Birthdays. I am turning eighteen in a month. Seems crazy to me. That today I am in college almost turning eighteen and getting my driver license. A few years back I Never thought I would be […]

    • I feel you, a lot has changed since I was young. My family use to go crazy on my birthdays, they threw parties, brought me gifts and did the most. Once I turned 15 I got over it, I started to hate parties and requested for money instead. However, now I have to go back to celebrating and going all out for my birthday. I thought birthdays weren’t a big deal, but am just starting to realize how important they are. You really have a cool birthday and I hope you go all out this next year.

    • AWW!! you are so young yafreisi. I find it amazing how you and your father almost shares the same birthday. Birthdays has always been a big deal for me, although I didn’t really do anything other than go out to eat, I always enjoy the count down to my birthday. If no one wants to celebrate my birthday, that is fine but I always thank God for another year that I was able to see that day.

  • Iveth wrote a new post, Blog 8 1 week, 6 days ago

    Another great weekend with the ones I love!! My weekend started off with me working my usual shifts, and also training my sister. My sister’s going to start working at my job so that’s good, and it’s great that […]

    • It sounds like you had a great weekend with your family. It must have been refreshing to get away from your books for a few hours in order to go mini-golfing and bowling.

  • I’m definitely about to rant about all the midterms and major assignments I have due, this is crazy. I talked to my friends that go to other schools and they all say that they’ve only had one midterm so far. I was […]

    • Yikes! This does seem like a really difficult week for you. But it also seems like you have a plan for how to tackle studying for these exams. And we do have Thanksgiving coming up, thank goodness. I think that everyone could really use a break at this point in the semester.

  • I started my job at the career center and i absolutely love it. Such a different environment and just feel than as a tour guide. At the career center I’m in an office and i’m dealing hands on with my major!!! I […]

    • While you are in college, you will hear, about a billion times, how important networking is, and it seems like you have already gotten a head-start on it. The more professional connections you can make the better. I’m also glad that you had bit of balance in your life this weekend and that you had an opportunity to relax.


    This week was nothing but a realization. I notice things that make me feel a little more open. The fact that my grades aren’t what they are supposed to be. How could I fix that? I asked myself that […]

    • Honestly Carla i agree with every single word you said in this. For chemistry we should review more because i know that i too only do homework. If we pay for them we might as well use them. About the phones i agree with you one hundred percent, like why when i try to talk to someone they gotta hide behind their phones. I kinda miss the summer because in the summer we had no choice but to talk to each other because none of us had anything to hide behind. It was just us and others all getting along through the same misery.

  • I chose to do my project on this image because it kinda made me laugh. The irony in the picture left me wondering what was actually going on and when I took a closer look I found many things interesting. I once […]

    • I once read and watch the movie Animal Farm. I like the way you are comparing the book to human beings. You’re right, as humans we do treat others differently although we are humans ourselves. Sometimes we forget that we bleed the same and that we came into the world the same way everybody else did. I believe that you already have a great start for your essay.