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  • Going into WRT 102 I was very nervous. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not that greatest writer out there. Before this course I didn’t know what ACE was, what pathos, ethos and logos are, I didn’t know how to […]

  • When I first started reading this play, I was completely excited to go out into the business world, because of how much I compared this play to the Wolf of Wall Street. They‚Äôre just rich people and they do w […]

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    The last act of Glengarry Glen Ross really had me thinking about how stupid men can be and then have have the nerve to disrespect women.. Like Moss and Levine really robbed the office and gave himself up and on […]

  • Kwek, Edrick and Choi Moon. “Is a Prosthetic Arm Customized PRADA? A Critical Perspective on the Social Aspects of Prosthetic Arms.”¬†Disability & Society, vol. 31, no. 8, Sept. 2016, pp. 1144-1147. EBSCOhost, […]

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    The readings we read this week were “Fish Cheeks” “Indian Education” and “Never marry a mexican” all of them talked about the way white Americans treated other people from different races and them fitting […]

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    In Act 2 of the play someone has already stolen the leads that Moss was planning on doing. Ross reacted in a furious way,wanting to know if they had stolen the contacts also. He is more mad because the night […]

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  • WLS-TV. ‚ÄúAthlete raising money to compete in Deaflympics in Turkey.‚ÄĚ ABC7 Chicago June 14, 2017
    This news article focus on showing the funding a deaf athlete from Turkey receives and comparing that with his ach […]

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  • ¬†

    The novel Glengarry Glen Ross shows a real world depiction on the business world. Moss, Levene, Aaronow, and Roma are salesmen who works under the company Mitch and Murray. Their Supervisor John Williamson […]

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  • Glengarry Glen Ross is a play written by David Mamet revolving the lives around four Chicago real estate salesman in the span of two days. The firm is trying to motivate their employees by putting them to a […]

    • Good analysis of the play here. We see the lengths that people are willing to go in order to be successful. They are willing to cheat, steal, lie, and manipulate. What is Mamet attempting to communicate about human nature in this play? Is this just an office of exceptionally bad people? Or is this office, and the corruption contained within it, utterly unremarkable because it is so common?

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    The newest chapter of Glen Garry Glen Ross was soooo choppt. The fact that Moss or Aaronow might’ve comitted the robbery is crazy. I don’t really know who might’ve done it but man it was type crazy how it really […]

    • Good observation about the lack of loyalty in the office. Arguably, that’s what happens when people are placed in competition with one another. There is no incentive to look out for anyone but oneself. Also, good analysis of Levene’s character shift. Once he makes that sale, he does seem like a totally different, and utterly unsympathetic, character.

  • It would be easier for me to address my thoughts on the second act if i go in chronological order. ¬†Starting with the setting.

    Act two opens on the office evidently broken in to, which makes me believe that […]

    • I really enjoyed reading this blog. The scene between Lingk and Roma is pretty cringey and really hard to watch. I have to strongly disagree with your assessment of Levene though; he is not at all too good or too pure for this world. His moral orientation is right at home in that office; he just isn’t as good at it as some of the other players.

  • After reading Act I of the play I was immediately able to compare the play to the movie The Wolf of Wall Street. It was the amount of times I read the work fuck in Act I that reminded me of the movie. Leo uses […]

    • I really hope that the business environment you go into is not nearly as toxic as the one in this play and in The Wolf of Wall Street. It might look like fun, especially the latter, but we know that Jordon Belfort ends up in a pretty dark place (and jail). I’m not sure that he is someone to emulate. The men in Glengary Glen Ross are no better.

  • The news of someone committing the robbery is quite laughable at this point in the story. In Act 1 we were greeted by a cast of frustrated salesmen all except for Roma who has seemed to be doing pretty well for […]

    • Really good analysis of Levene. For me, any good will that he earned in the first act is squandered in the second. He does come across as arrogant, and he seems to be on a bit of a power trip in the office. It is interesting to watch how his interactions with Williamson shift throughout the act. Why do you think that Levene’s only sense of actualization comes from his job? What does that suggest about class and gender identities?

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    Act two does consists of something that is different from act one. Act one is introducing all of the characters itself and in act two, the characters are all joined together in a time of crisis. Someone has stolen […]

    • I am glad that our viewing of the film adaptation of the play gave you a better sense of the characters and their interactions. I hope that viewing the second Act today was also of help. We do see some new alliances and new antagonisms form in this second act. Your discussion of Levene was also interesting: he does come skipping in. He has a lot more to worry about than just the lack of leads though….

  • I find it completely interesting on the way that the play is being developed overall because, act 1, you would assume that the robbery was all talk due to the characterization of the characters, you believe that […]

    • You do a good job of arguing that the sexual connotations of “fucking” are linked to the predator/prey relationship between salesmen and their costumers. How do you see playing out in Act Two? The fact that you mention women is interesting, as well. How many female characters are in the play? Why do you think that Mamet made this representation of sales so male dominated?

  • MWUCHEN wrote a new post, BLOG #9 1 week, 2 days ago

    Reading through the Act 2, I‚Äôve noticed things tend to go at a faster speed. Going into the beginning of Act 2, the robbery already happened. Though would have liked more of a preview of the robbery, I think it a […]

    • Good analysis of some of the diction in act two. I especially like your interpretation of the word “morgue” and its connotations of death. I think it is important to note that the word is used in relation to leads. We might want to consider the fact that for the salesmen, poor leads might result in a kind of economic death–the kind we see Levene desperate to avoid. Why do you think so many of the sentences are incomplete. What is the difference between reading it silently to one’s self and seeing it performed? What might the incomplete sentences suggest about the power dynamics in the scene.

  • Harriet and her husband Bruce were put at a disadvantage because they listened. They allowed Levene to talk giving him the power and in the end he fucked them. It was funny to me how Levene was getting all […]

    • Good observation. You might want to consider Levene’s diction when he talks about the sale. Is his diction at all sexually charged?

  • After reading the entire play (however focusing on just Act 2) David Mamet by Glengarry Glen Ross, I realized how shallow everyone in play really is especially near the end of the act. While everything is honestly […]

    • Good observations about Roma. As we discussed in class last week, he tends to go for the soft-sell, and he is by far the most manipulative of the lot. He pretends to be Lingk’s friend in order to screw him on the deal. You also do a good job of tracking the character shift in Levene. In the beginning of the play, he might come off as somewhat sympathetic, but his character shifts dramatically in the second half. Williamson is also awful. What did you make of the reason he gives Levene for giving him the Nyborg lead, “I don’t like you”?

  • In the novel Glengary Glenn Ross by David Mamet, shows some characters who are all in a competition on whoever sells the most wins a prize. Each Characters personality is shown throughout Act 1 and in Act 2 more […]

    • As you note, Levene’s luck changes when he finally makes a sale to the Nyborgs. Do you see any changes in his character as a result of this shift in fortune? How do his relationships with Roma and Williamson change? Do you see any shifts in the power dynamics? Good observation about the theme of competition. What do you make of the character who committed the robbery? Why did he do it?

  • Personally, I enjoyed the first act of Glengarry Glen Ross more than the second act. I believe I only like it more because we saw a reenactment of act¬†one in class. Hopefully, we are also able to see act two and […]

    • Roma does not come off great in this act. We see him engage in the same racism that Moss and Aaronow exhibited earlier. What did you make of his interactions with Lingk? Levene does seem to be on an emotional rollercoaster throughout this act. Do you see any changes in his character when he thinks that he is on the board?
      PS. Love the GIF. It is perfect for this play!

  • This past week we began the play Glengarry Glen Ross a depressing story of a bunch of pessimistic and crooked salesman. The characters are all property salesman/ telemarketers who are constantly complaining about […]

    • You do a nice job of describing the characters and analyzing their relationships. Your post suggests an interesting connection between Moss and Levene in that neither man was willing to take responsibility for his action. How do you see these characters shift in the second act of the play?

  • ¬†

    I personally think this book is too confusing for me but thankfully, the movie helps me to understand better. Honestly after reading this book, I am trying to figure out what is the point of the whole story. […]

    • You do a nice job identifying a number of the themes in this play. As your analysis suggests, it is not just about business, but is making larger points about class and capitalism within American society. Good discussion of the different characters, but I would have liked this post to focus more on Act 2. How do you see these characters shifting in the second act.

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    The second act of David Mamet by Glengarry Glen Ross starts with a scene of a robbery and a detective trying to figure out who stole the leads. To me it was obvious that Aronow and Moss stole the leads. In the […]

    • Your blog post does a nice job of juxtaposing the robbery and the Roma’s conversation with Lingk. As you note, Roma here goes beyond smooth talk and begins outright lying to Lingk about the status of his contract. He is attempting to defraud him. Is what Roma is doing any different, on a fundamental moral level, than what Levene and Moss did when they broke in an robbed the office?

  • Movies were created to help clueless students that don’t understand written versions of stories. Well… not really, but it definitely was helpful for the play we’re reading right now. When I first started reading […]

    • Plays are written to be performed, so I think it is important, in class, to reflect that. You do a good job of analyzing Moss’s motivation: the company has created a situation in which he has very limited options about how to act. He, like Aaronow and Levene, is desperate, and, as you note, desperate people will sometimes operate outside of the law if they think that it will help them survive.

  • This book was actually extremely hard to comprehend. If it was not for the movie, i wouldn‚Äôt be able to understand things now. The main thing that i didn‚Äôt really like was the dialogue. When we were reading in cla […]

    • Good analysis of Moss’s character. He does pick his two colleague that he views as the weakest to blackmail and manipulate. I like your analysis that he is a coward. He seems to talk a big game but is unwilling to take risks himself. Why do you think Mamet writes dialogue in the way that he does? Think about the difference between reading it and watching it performed.

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  • The book was very confusing from the beginning but the movie made it more understandable. For one I thought that Aaronow was the one who was going to take the leads from the office. So, it makes no sense why we […]

    • Good analysis of Roma and Levene’s interaction after Levene makes the Mountain View sale. It demonstrate just how competitive the sales world is. Roma was certainly not interested in working with Levene when Levene was on the bottom of the board, but now a partnership might serve Roma’s self-interest. Good analysis in the shift we see in Levene’s character; he does become incredibly arrogant after the sale, trying to exert power over Williamson, and that ultimately leads to his downfall.

  • ¬† ¬† ¬†In the beginning of Act 2, I seem to notice a lot of ellipse. The use of it makes the dialogue confusing because the sentence is so short and cut off so suddenly. Also based on the description before the ‚Äúa […]

    • Good analysis of how Mamet uses dialogue to convey character. Roma’s verbal dominance over Williamson conveys something about the power dynamic between the two men. Also, good observation about the importance of words and talking in the play; as a salesman, you need to be very careful what you say. Act 2 starts the morning after the burglary occurred. So some time has passed between the actual crime and what is happening now. The reasons they stole the phones was so that it would look less suspicious, less like an inside job.

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  • Sandhya Vishwas, Limaye. “Factors Influencing the Accessibility of Education for Children with

    Disabilities in India.”¬†Global Education Review, Vol 3, Iss 3, Pp 43-56 (2016), no. 3, 2016, p. 43. EBSCOhost, […]

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  • B., Felicia, et al. ‚ÄúDisability in the Family: The Effects on Children’s Well-Being.‚ÄĚ Journal of Marriage and Family, National Council on Family Relations, 1 May 1994, www […]

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  • Emiliussen, Jakob, et al. “Why Do some Older Adults Start Drinking Excessively Late in Life? Results from an Interpretative Phenomenological Study.” Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences, vol. 31, no. 4, Dec. […]

  • Krupnick, Matt. ‚ÄúColleges Respond to Growing Ranks of Learning Disabled.‚ÄĚ The Hechinger Report, 12 Feb. 2015, hechingerreport.org/colleges-respond-to-growing-ranks-of-learning-disabled/


    This essay focu […]

  • ¬†

    Magnusson, Kalinnikova. “Critical Factors of the Poverty Structure in Families Upbringing Children with Disabilities (Pre-Understanding Situation in the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine).” Banber – Bulletin […]

  • Stayner, Guy. ‚ÄúFederal Court rules in favour of Victorian man over NDIS payment of transport¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† costs.‚ÄĚ ABC News, 28 Mar. 2017, http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-03-28/federal-court-¬† rules-in-favour-of […]

  • Simplican, Stacy Clifford, et al. ‚ÄúDefining Social Inclusion of People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: An Ecological Model of Social Networks and Community Participation.‚Ä̬†Research in Deve […]