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  • The topic I want to do for the I-search essay is about education systems, there are a few candidates I have in mind. First one is a debate on whether cram schools really help students succeed academically. Since I […]

  • There were many topics that I was interested in as a kid from how to become the president to how does time work. As a kid, I wrote them on in a journal so that one day in the future, I could do research about it. […]

  • For the upcoming I-Search Essay, I thought about the topics I wish to explore and learn about. Among many research ideas, ones I found most interesting are sleep, vape and hybrid cars.

    Sleep we all know is a […]

  • Although still not set on one definitive topic as of today, in regards to the upcoming I-Search paper I have a list of proposed topics primarily influenced by my interests forming in my medical sociology course as […]


    For my I-search paper, I have tentatively decided on three topics. While I thought long and hard on what they should be, I am still unsure on whether they will stay the way the are or transform into […]

  • My first idea for the paper is to write about math education. This would include researching on how it should be done. I want to focus on middle and high school education. I want to know what topics should be […]

  • For the I-research paper, I want to write something relates to my personal narrative paper. In my personal narrative, I talked about my experience of immigrating from China to America, and how that was a struggle […]

  • Italian culture has always fascinated me and I think it could be un to write about. I would want to focus on the family aspect of Italian culture and how Italian families always stick together. I had recently saw […]

  • To be honest, I was and still am having quite a difficult time deciding what I would like to do for my I-Search essay. Every topic that pops into my head has its own pros and cons but overall I believe I have […]

  • When I first got the topic for the I-search essay, I was a little upset. I thought it was going to be a boring research paper, where everything is formulaic and generally annoying. Upon further examination, the […]

  • Based on the last essay that I wrote, I talked a lot about why Americans are so monolingual and unwilling to change. This has always been an issue I discussed with my parents all the time but, I really never did […]

  • Much like the literacy narrative, I struggled to come up with ideas for the I-search essay. There are not many stories of my life that I enjoy telling, and it felt frightening for me to research an issue that […]

  • As we progress towards our next major assignment – the I-Search research essay – I am beginning to consider just what topics I may want to explore in this process. In general, I would like to explore a topic […]

  • The I-Search paper seems like a good way to make a research paper bearable, something I’m rather excited about. I’ve never quite had a research based document with an informal nature like this.

    I have three top […]

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  • Initially, while reading over the syllabus, I had virtually no idea what I was going to write about. I was certainly inspired by the last blog post’s reading and podcast, but I wasn’t sure the direction I planned […]

  • When I was younger, I would go into work with my dad, he worked as a physical therapist in two school districts in the county over, and I would help him out throughout the day. As a small kid that just meant I […]

  •       I was quite excited to receive the I-search paper, as it’s a different approach to research papers that I have written in the past. I had a few topics in mind related to literacy and education but narr […]

  • One of my possible essay topic ideas is to write about whether or not students should wear uniforms. There is much debate on the topic. Some people say it blocks creativity and self expression. While others […]

  • Possible research topics are lucid dreaming, marijuana, and vandalism. I want to learn if it is possible to and how to communicate through dreams. Intentional communication seems to require awareness and readiness […]

  • The first topic that I would like to discuss is what is consider basic education for children in different countries. I have been quite interested in how children were educated and do it have an impact on how they […]

  • While searching for topics for my I-Search Essay, I wanted to choose a topic I knew a decent amount of information about but that I still had unanswered questions about. The topics that first came to mind include […]

  • When given this essay, I felt pretty happy. Everybody always has their own issues and concerns about education, and this is a time to allow them to validate those claims. Being one of those people myself, I found […]

  • In “College Pressure” by Zinsser, he mentioned that college student at that time have to face with different pressures. The college student in the 70s had to face with economic, peer and parental pressures.  I […]

  • I have never written an I-Search Essay before. So here I stood, for quite some time, tabula rasa, the empty slate. But that slate could not remain empty forever; the writing process must begin! I came up with two […]

  • Ever since I learned of the concept of death in second-grade science class, I have always had a fascination for the science behind aging. Why do people age? What makes people age? Why do people have to ultimately […]

  • I’m excited to start the I-search paper. It is pretty different from all of the other research papers that I have done in my academic career. I have more than 3 topics that I thought of, but there are 3 topics […]

  • Starting college has made me think about what I want to do with my future more than I ever did before. I worry about whether I’ll be a good fit for the career path I eventually choose to take, and whether what I’m […]

  • When I was first given the I-Search Essay assignment, I had no idea what topic I wanted to write in on. It was difficult trying to brainstorm ideas because all of the topics I came up with were not suitable for […]

  • The three potential topics that I would want to explore while writing the I-Search Research Essay are standardized testing, women’s physique in athletics and women pursuing surgery.

    If I choose to write about s […]

  • I never really agree that success in school equals to success in life, nor do I agree that grades can define a person. In “Back to School,” they talked about how we measure one’s ability base on the result of te […]

  •           For my upcoming I Search essay, I would be interested in researching how a core and open curriculum impact college students. At Stony Brook, we have to fulfill certain general education requirements (SBC […]

    • Hi Jessica — The topic of open curriculum and core curriculum is really interesting. I think this is a nicely phrased questions: “If we had the ability to sample classes from any department, how would our mentalities be different and would we turn out to be more or less well rounded?” I suppose you would have to figure out how you want to measure “well rounded” for the purposes of your inquiry. You could also look at post-college success, such as the connection career placement, or job skills that employers look for, and how these are related to open versus core curriculum. Fascinating! Also, I like your idea about looking at the connection between peer competition and pressure, and the impact on students in particular disciplines. Great ideas here… I’m looking forward to seeing where you go!

  • The following are three potential topics and what I want to learn about each:



    How much can teachers really improve the grades of students?

    I would like to know if the grades of students c […]

    • Hi Hannah — all three of these topics are really interesting, and I’m curious about what you would find, and also where you would look to find some answers to these questions. What age/grade are you generally thinking about focusing on here? Also, what is your direct connection to these topics (besides the fact that you have been a student for your entire life so far, and continue to be a student, which is certainly enough of a connection)? And regarding your third topic (does television impact young student’s literacy skills?) I would suggest that you consider “screen time” rather than television, given the way that young people consume video entertainment. Looking forward to reading more!

  • In some families heart disease is more prevalent than others. For other families, it’s other genetic disorders like epilepsy or Tay Sachs, but for my family, anxiety is a plague that runs rampant throughout a […]

  • Esports vs Sports: Which leaves students better prepared?

    For this topic I want to learn the benefits that each gives to a student. Such as what skills do they hone in on, what it does to their body and etc. […]

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  • For my I-Search topics, there’s quite a lot of topics I would love to explore. One topic is the purpose of dreams and what purpose they serve. As a lucid dreamer, I have very intense and detail oriented dreams. I […]

  • When faced with the dangers, our ancestors mobilized their bodies to respond to the stress of their environments. They could either fight or flee from their situation. Luckily in today’s society, we don’t have to […]

    • Great post, Naj. You ask some big, important questions at the end here. The pressures of success do often feel like a matter of “life or death,” and maybe it’s not an exaggeration to say that for some it is. I think this is why good public education policy is so urgent. The years that we spend in school preparing for our participation in society (and by “participation” I mean political, economic, civic, etc) are so important, and there are still many discrepancies in the type and quality of education that is available to young people as they grow. How to address these discrepancies and inequalities so that every is given the same opportunities and preparation in order to fully participate? Anyway, I suspect I am going on a bit of a tangent here so forgive me. You inspired me to respond, and I thank you for that!

  • The first topic that I want to learn about would be the importance of a humanities education in a student’s life and why funding for it shouldn’t be lessened. The reason why I want to research about this is […]

  • There are currently only two possible I search topics, I am interested in. First one is about technology. It is true that society is improving as the technology is improving . However, if people keep relying […]

  • In the radio show, “Back to School”, the host invited people with different occupation such an economist and psychiatrist to discuss the idea of non-cognitive skills. They first started to talk about GED. The […]

  • If I’m being 100 percent honest, I have not thought too deeply into my possible I-SEARCH topic. It just has not been a priority. However, now as I’m writing this blog post, I’m forcing myself to think into way […]

  •      Three potential topics I’m interested in for the I-search essay is the impact that media has on education and schooling, and whether it has any effects on students grades. A lot of teachers have begun adap […]

  • I found Zinsser’s writing on college pressures to be spot on. I could personally relate or know of someone who could personally relate to each point he had to make. The pressure about having pressure is explained […]

  • There are several topics I’m considering exploring for the I-search paper, and these ideas might just be a start. I want to make sure that whatever I write about is something that pertains to me, but I want it t […]

  • Being a student athlete may seem like a normal thing to some people but it is in fact not. The time and dedication needed to be one is immense and should be greatly appreciated. Only being a freshman, I wonder […]

  • For this essay I want to focus on topics that I have questioned in my life. Somethings that I need a deeper insight on. Things that can help me get peace of mind and help me become more knowledgeable.

    One topic […]

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    First off lemme start by saying that podcast felt wayyyyy longer about an hour. I don’t know if it is just me but I felt like that thing was playing for eternity. Now, onto the good stuff, one of the things that s […]

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  • These are some potential topics that I have come up with for my I-search essay. In some way, all of them have a slight impact on my life.

    The influence on Piano on a child’s life and brain development is one t […]

  • In “Back to school” podcast, they talked about the education issues nowadays. They talked about cognitive skills that are very important in education, and that test like GED couldn’t prove that they learn […]

  • The three potential topics I thought of were the benefits of trade school instead of college, language barriers in schools in the U.S., and potentially changing the classes required throughout a child’s school c […]

  • This semester, I’m taking a lot of different courses to fill my SBS and SBC requirements for my major, therefore being presented with many theories and ideas that make me want to ask question. About a year ago, I […]

  • It is easy for a lot of people who have finished their education to toss out the statement that the current generation have it too easy. I think this is completely incorrect. There is an indescribable pressure […]

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    One the idea that stuck me the most is how much effect a parent’s attention can have on a child. This is also with the idea that stress over long periods of time can affect a child’s learning capabilities. The […]


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    Everyone has their unique writing style that defines who they are through their use of specific details to convey their meaning.  In the “Why I Write” essays, each author portrays the m […]

  • If people like William Zinsser could look into the daily lives of college students in 2019, they would be shocked to see how the academic stressors they observed in the 1970s have unfolded — and this probably […]


    As a young person I was criticized for what people called “going with the flow”. My own sister would scold me for being too relaxed and, as she perceived it, having no ambition. To compensate, I starting work […]

  • This past week, I read William Zinsser’s “College Pressures”, and listened to Ira Glass’ podcast “Back to School”. These works proved very insightful into the struggles that students face daily, and the ways in […]

  • In complete honesty, my takeaway from this weeks reading assignments was feelings of mournfulness. Something I’ve begun to realize in my academic journey is the death in the spirit of students. In recent years it […]

  •           While reading William Zinsser’s “College Pressures”, I was surprised, but not really when I related to almost every sentence he wrote. Many say that college is a time for exploration, but to me, colleg […]

  • People think there is a correct way to teach and book smarts is all you need to get ahead in today’s society. However, I believe there is more to it than that. There are definitely people skills and r […]

  • There is a lot of debate on how standardized tests are affecting students, and the effects that it will have on them as these Common Core kids become adults integrated into society. One thing is for certain: test […]

  • Whenever I go home, my parents always ask me about how my classes are going and if I’m eating well. I would tell them about how I’m balancing school work with my social life perfectly and going to the gym. My mom […]

  • My first reading of Zinsser’s paper I felt like it really had a lot of similarities to things going on my own life. It is very easy to lose sight of the reason we are in school, to learn, not to get good grades. B […]

  • When William Zinsser wrote an article entitled “College Pressures”, the year was 1979. Yet, judging from the content of his writing, it would not be unreasonable to assume that it could have been writing within […]

  • The education system is something that is deemed important by everyone, but many think that it is far from perfect. The people who think that are right. The education system, especially in America, is extremely […]