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Final blog

Posted on May 6, 2018

I really enjoyed creating the skit. It was fun working with my team they were really creative so they helped bring out the creative side in me and I think that will really help in my future endeavors or if I ever have to work in a team again. If I think about the short story we chose, it was interesting because it really tied down to current events and to my life: being a Starbucks employee while black. I was put in an awkward situation because when whole situation at Starbucks started I was clearly on the victims side and I thought about whether or not to quit because of the fact that they didn’t respect people like me and because of that they didn’t deserve people like me to work for them. I couldn’t quit though because I would be losing income, and I’m a broke college student all money is money and I need to provide for myself one way or another. If it wasn’t for the fact that I actually made good money and liked my coworkers I would have been like deuces arivoare see ya on the flip side! Honestly I didn’t really care about the project at first (no offense to you professor) because I don’t like doing things like that, I’m more of a writer and watcher but because we chose that short story I put effort into writing and putting my opinions and thought into it. The other groups were cool they did their thing but my group (even though I was really tired that morning after pulling an all nighter) we really delivered that morning.


  1. Jessica Hautsch

    I am glad that you had a positive experience working with your group. Sometimes collaboration can help to bring out different parts of yourself, which is why I think that it is a worthwhile experience. Your skit did a great job of not only adapting Staples’s essay, but also of showing the ways in which it, unfortunately, continues to be relevant. Thanks for getting involved, even though it is not your thing, and for a good semester.

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