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  • After reading the peer review from my partner, I realize that my introduction is to short and unclear. Also, I don’t have clear stance stated in my essay. Thus, I will have to work on my introduction and the […]

  • ZHUOHE wrote a new post, Research topic 9 months ago

    Accessibility and college campuses – this topic is related to our life because we are all currently studying in campus or even living in campus. 

    Assistive technologies – assistive technologies is essential to […]

  • So far, I have a 3 pages of mini draft for my comparison essay about “Becoming Disabled” and “On being Cripple’. I have written one idea which is the comparison of how Nancy Mairs  and Garland-Thomson discuss […]

  • Disability is a word that can have many different definitions to different people it may mean different things. Garland-Thomoson describes how people view disability politically and how these years the definition […]

  • Rosmarie Garland Thomson examines people’s perception of disabled person through four part of taxonomy:  wondrous, sentimental, exotic, and realistic. In wondrous, disability can be represented in a very special w […]

  • Hiari:

    “When I looked through my mountain of medical records, I saw that the providers who listed my race as black applied diagnoses like major depressive disorder and PTSD. The providers who saw me as white […]

  • When I was in elementary school, one of my classmate was a cripple. He wasn’t totally disable. He could walk, but his left leg looks shorter than his right leg. Whenever he walked, he looked very weird. Because of […]

  • Grealy: “Was this the face I had waited through eighteen years and almost thirty operations for?”

    “But now, as reluctant as I was to admit it, the only indication in my companion’s behavior was positive. And […]

  • Hockenberry

    “I have massive problems with my sexuality. Actually, there is no problem with sexuality. It’s just not a problem… I had a little problem there in the beginning, then I learned how to compensate. […]

  • Hi, guys! I’m Zhuoqi He, I prefer people to call me Alex because my name is quit difficult to pronounce. I’m from south China where the temperature is always over 80 degrees. I speak both Cantonese and Mandarine. […]


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