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Told you can’t…

Posted on December 4, 2017

Told you can’t do this or that,  

Told that you are not good enough to even attempt, 

Told that you are not strong… 

People keep back staving you and repeating “you can’t do it”. 

But who are they to say you are not good enough or strong? 

They do not have the right to determine your future, your goals, your accomplishments.  

You are the one who gets to determine your own Life. 

Aim to shine brighter than they are and to be light in the darkness.  

Push yourself to go for more because you can go for more 

Prove them wrong!!  

Because you can achieve, you can do it, you will shine. 

Keep your head high and work in silence.  

Let your actions and accomplishments be your words.  

Words that will put them to shame, hit them hard. 

They say you are not strong,  

If only they knew the tribulations you had to overcome to even be alive. 

You are strong, capable of doing so much.  

They want to see you fail, yet failure should not be in your vocabulary. 

Little do they know you have one less step to climb. Climb those steps and be fierce.  

Make a plan, be smart, and get it done. 

It’s okay if you do not make it the first time, but don’t let that ruined you.  

Rejection is protection. 

Rejection can make you stronger, smarter and work harder for what you want.  

People always have something to say. 

Let them talk all they want because you are working in your masterpiece. 

And before a master piece is created it has to be molded.  

Believe in yourself; in the so many things you can do, and you will become unstoppable.  

Unstoppable to reach what people taught was unreachable. 

Unstoppable when people tell you, that you are wrong.  

Focus on the goal that has to be reach and don’t look anywhere but ahead, because you might get distracted. 

Create your own opportunities instead of waiting for them to fall in your hands like candy.  

So, go out there and work tirelessly as if it would be the last day. 

Today you are closer to your goals than what you where yesterday. 

Even though they hit you with lemon you will hit back with lemon juice.  

As a saying goes “success all depends on the second letter”. 

You got this!! At the end it will be worth it all the obstacle you had to overcome. 


  1. Armida Rivera

    I enjoyed reading your speech! It is interesting and I think it is great! I think anyone that reads it will get reall motivated, just like it motivates me right now. I wanted to write a speech about the same point but did not know how to get my thoughts into words. I am happy you were able to write what I was thinking.

  2. Kwesian Bailey

    Wow. I really like your speech! When I was younger I believed that could never had mount to anything but failure. I never thought that I have actually get into college because I knew that someone will always be better than me. Now that I have read your speech, I feel as if I should have never doubt myself and let other people but me down. Thank you for helping me, because I was really close to giving up.

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