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The First week of college life

Posted on September 3, 2018

The exciting college life began,i have been studying in high school for five years because of my illness. Last year, I often had former classmates tell me what them college life was like,This makes me look forward to college life.When I came to college, I really felt different from high school.It’s nice to have more time to yourself and make new friends, i loved my class,but I feel more pressure, for example, I need to pay attention to my grades at any time, I often cannot find professors, and they will not be as quick as high school teachers in sending emails. College study is more based on their own efforts, and high school teachers will be more concerned about students and more patience.Studying in university is more dependent on my self-discipline, and the professor will not urge you, which makes me think that I can exercise my thinking more. I will understand what I want to do in these four years, and I will not be confused after graduation, and I will have a clear direction to develop my work.I’m ready for college life.


  1. angao

    I agree with you that college is a new place to explore out and make some new friends. If you feel pressure, you can talk to you family and friends. Also, I think there is a center in Stony that you can walk in for an appointment that you want to talk to someone who works there to release your pressure, and it is confidential. You can ask for help from people studying in Stony if you are stuck on the lecture or something else. I had the same experience as you that I could not find my TA for a webassign code, I emailed him, he’s not replying. When I walked to him in class, he gave me the code. Maybe sometimes you should just reach to professor right after class.

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