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The Skit

Posted on May 6, 2018

For the skimpy team decided to do work with “Y the Last Man”. Unlike the other stories we read as a class, my group felt that this book had the best premise. A world with no men and only woman got the whole class engaged. We wanted to use the aspect of the minority becoming the majority and what effects it causes in the world. Keeping that same aspect, my group decided to make all the white people disappear making black the majority race in the world. This also gave us a chance to speak on certain issues dividing the black community such as Kanye West controversial tweets supporting Donald Trump and having claiming slavery was a choice. One of the things the skit does well brings a new type of energy to our performances. One thing about the book that stood out was the action sequences and suspense that made us keep flipping pages. Through our performances, we are able to give off that same feeling. Another good aspect of the skit was the comedic moments. Unlike other stories “Y the Last Man” isn’t a serious gruesome story that makes you sad or depressed. IT’s fun and lively with a few laughs here and there. Our skit represents the fairly well all while addressing a serious issue of racial tension in the United States. If we had more time we would have developed our main character, David. David is supposed to be The boss Yorick in the sense that they are the last of there kind. The book focuses on Yorick’s character development showing his compassion and heroic moments. Because we only had 4 minutes I don’t think the skit portrayed much development in the story. Things may have seemed forced instead of thoroughly explained causing some plot holes in the skit. Overall the skit came out beautifully. I was happy to see my team give the effort they did. IT showed a certain pride in their work and it made the comedic effects come off more lively and more authentic. Our main goal, however, was supposed to show 3 perspectives on dealing with racism. LaMarcus was supposed to show the radical and violent side. Thanking God for purging the white people and rewriting history completely so the white people could be permanently forgotten. The Ethiopian with no name was supposed to resemble integration. Going against LaMarcus despite being a second in command to him he helps the last white man and teaches him how to live fairly amongst blacks. Lastly, David, the last white man was supposed to resemble indifference. He never stands up for equality but never actively supports racism. He’s just in the middle doing whatever he can to stay alive.

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