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Stasis Questions: Food Security

Posted on November 7, 2018

The social crisis that I choose for the research essay is food security. Food security is one of the public concerns that is related to natural environment, economy policy, social crisis, government or public relief. Telling by its name, when food is insufficient to consumers, food security can refer to the accessibility of enough food so that they would not starve to death; on the other hand, when food is in enough supply, food security can refer to the enough and essential nutrition intake that people are able to afford. From early times to recent years, from poverty to prosperity, as mentioned above, food security problems evolve from a simple phenomenon that concerns the basic need of human, to a most multidimensional, systematic and intrigued one in modern society.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture data, in 2012, 14.5 percent (17.6 million) of US households are regarded as food insecure by the measurement mentioned above, while in 2016, the equivalent figure is 12.3 percent (15.6 million), among which 4.9 percent are severely food insecure, which makes up a population of 6.1 million American people (Economic Research Service report number 155 (ERS-155)).

Food security level can be divided into following categories, food secure, food insecure without hunger, food insecure with moderate hunger, and food insecure with severe hunger according to the American of Institute of Nutrition. It has close relationship with economy and policy. Economic growth, equity and stability form an overall food development trilogy. If the climate change in some region, or on the global scale outweighs accessible technological responses, human will certainly endure insufficient food supply, leading to food security to some extent.

There is a rising number in organizations that aims to help raise humanitarian food productivity in poor areas (European Union and UN Food and Agriculture Organization), and develop quantitative models that project food supply and demand in the future (International Food Policy Research Institute).

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