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Posted on December 9, 2018

This is the time approach the end of this semester, it was very quick. I was thinking about did I do the good job this semester? Maybe my answer is not. I always forgot something need to do, and like to put everything at the end, so during the last two weeks, I go a lot of thing to do and then complain myself why I did not do it early. This semester I put most of time into my math classes, for WRT102, I just do all the papers and revisions, not pay attention on blogs. Go back to see I realized I should change for my next semester’s life. I do not have too much time left for my college life, so I need to do somethings valuable. For WRT102, I think the hardest one for my is rhetorical analysis paper, I talked about this with professor several times, but I did not think I can wrote a good one. Professor also gave me a lot of great idea, hope the last one can be better. Professor was nice and kind, she gave me a lot help. Over all, this semester was busy, but also have something happy happened.

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