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The Set Up For my Essay

Posted on February 26, 2018

I  love watching irony play out to its advantages.  I only wonder how severely did the Barbarians invade that mad the town cower so desperately within the time the magistrate was locked away, and if it was solely the influence of the empire that  made the town cower or if it was also the pressure of the empire’s involvement that caused the town’s dismay.


I believe that i’m gonna start to form my analysis of the empire being an allegory for north korea.  Bothe the empire and North Korea use oppression tactics to control, and maintain control, of its people.  I Know that North Korea, Under the rule of kim jong-un, has limited basic freedoms like freedom of speech.  Simply speaking out against the sovereignty is grounds for counts of treason punishable by jail time, and often times death.


Although it isnt clearly stated in the book, it is inferred that simple acts such as jaywalking are often considered acts against the empire. What connects the two sovereignties is the constant fear or paranoia of an uprising that causes the two “empires” to force its people into a fear induced oppression, with very little room for basic freedom, comfortability, and even safety in one’s own home.  Ive seen many videos of people who went to north korea in attempts to reveal the truth about the society.  It was revealed that the country barely had enough food for everyone. Most of the super markets presented were for show.  The only person who remained constantly fed and comfortable was the president.  Yeonmi Park of North Korea spoke out about how she escaped and the things she’s witnessed since she was a baby. I plan to encorporated her anecdotes along with actual statistics to not only explain the allegory but to also shine light and bring awareness to the oppression that takes place in north korea.  She speaks of how her family was murdered and raped for Being accused of acting put or speaking out against the sovereignty.  She tells of how the townspeople are even afraid to speak and often say whatever they think the police want to hear in order to keep themselves alive.  Much like the way the barbarians behaved in the beginning of the book, in order to stop the torture they were experiencing for “not tell the truth”.    I wanted to compare the leader of the empire tio kim jong-un in order to help my assignment, until i noticed that there was no leader mentioned..

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