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  •      It is about a month being a stony brook student. It is a struggle trying to adjust my sleeping schedule and controlling the amount of food I should eat. I think “Freshman 15” is already coming true. Apparent […]

  •     Hi Guys! Have fun reading my boring blog. Anyway I felt so tired. I legit has been sleeping late the past few days for no reason. I slept late into the night because I was on my phone. Simply because I wan […]

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    After experiencing my first week here at Stony Brook, I can honestly say it was amazing and I’ve learned so much. Coming here at Stony Brook was definitely not easy for me, as I had to learn to accept the fact t […]

    • I agree that time management has to be one of the hardest things about college. The different schedules and the large gaps we have each day doesn’t make it any easier. But it’s good that you have your priorities straight, as we all should to be able to be successful here. These two weeks here have taught me even more on how to organize myself just as you do. Making sure that everything that I have to do gets done in a timely way. Your tips are also very helpful for anyone that has been struggling to get into their college schedule, and organize themselves.

  • This first week of classes, I spent my mornings in a bus that takes about 45 minutes to get to campus. I actually don’t mind taking the bus, but I realized that there are two aspects of the bus that we tend to f […]

    • I love the insight into the human condition that this post provides. Just being on the bus, it seems, provides you a lot of insight into human nature. I like how you take small details, the tired faces and complaints of back pain, and try to imagine what those people’s life it like. It is also always heartwarming to see random acts of kindness; it is helpful to be reminded every once in a while that there is good in the world.

  • I remain quiet when there is nothing else to say. I remain quiet when my thought are going against me. I remain quiet although you keep talking. I remain quiet in fear that you will stop talking. I remain quiet as […]

    • Your use of anaphora is really powerful. I really like your exploration of the different reasons why people might choose to remain quiet, to not speak. I also really like how you return to the idea of that silence later in the piece and subvert it in your insistence that you have a voice. Beautifully done.,

    • OMG Kwesian this is so nice. Girl you are not invisible, you are a nice and funny girl and your voice matters. I completely agree no one should ever feel uncomfortable, invisible or judge at. People go through things that only they know about yet people judge with no remorse. Just because you see a smile in a person’s face doesn’t mean they are okay. You can either make a person’s day or ruin it for them if you don’t stay quiet and judge based on a their “cover”.

    • I think I can totally relate to what you are saying. Under normal circumstances, I will stay quite and silent. If I don’t, I get into trouble because I tend to get loud and things run out of control. If I don’t say anything, nothing will happen to me. No words are coming out of myself that can be held accountable for. Something’s being quite is not actually a good thing to do. People will take advantage and will try to blame you since they know you will not resist. It sucks when people judged you in the wrong way. In one occasion, I just stay quiet and not bother defending myself from an accusation from my family because I don’t find a point. No matter how much I say something or being quiet; in their eyes they think I am the culprit.

  • Growing up in a family where music is played 24/7 and waking up to the sound of my grandmother singing hymns in the shower every morning before the sunrises, it should be no surprise that I grew up with a passion […]

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  • Hello bloggers,

    My name is Karima. You can call me Kemi Kemi or Cra Cra. I was born in the United States, migrated to Ghana when I was 8 months old and moved back to the United States in 2010 when I was 11 […]

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    Badge icon "Architect (7286)" provided by Augusto Zamperlini, from The Noun Project under Creative Commons - Attribution (CC BY 3.0)
  • Hello all, my name is Melany. I’m from Queens and I’m majoring in Biology. My undergraduate college is Human Development, and so far I’m loving Stony Brook! I’m satisfied with my classes and I met great profess […]

    • I am totally on board about spoiling pets (my cats are two little princesses and they know it!). There are some really beautiful places to explore on campus and just off it. I also have a sweet tooth, and even though I wish I didn’t, I’ve come to embrace it (and dessert!).

  • “It’s okay to love something a little too much, as long as it’s real to you.” ― Gerard Way

    Hello everyone! My name is Armida Rivera but my friends call me Johanna or Howie. I’m 19 years old (many people tell […]

  •      Hi everyone! How is your summer so far? I bet everyone can agree the summer program was hell but it was worth it. So… here is some few things to know about me. First of all my name is Amy . I am from Brookl […]

    • Origami is such a cool skill to have. I could never make anything that required more than 2 pieces– once it got more complicated than that, my work would just fall apart. I haven’t really gotten into anime, but maybe you can teach me a bit about it in your art analysis paper.

      PS. This blog wasn’t boring!

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