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  • I cannot wait for this thanksgiving break; I’ve been so stressed for the past couple of weeks. Midterms back to back and then our finals coming up. I am going to use this break to detox all the stress I had, e […]

  • From the time we were born we were thrown into the storm of destruction. “oh, she smiles just like her father or  “boy, I just cannot figure out if she looks like his father or mother”. Of course, those […]

  • Basically, I have been studying for my midterms. I started to study two weeks before my midterm and you know what? I saw the first question in the exam and I knew I spend hours solving those exercises but for some […]

    • We are getting really close to December and the end of the semester, so hang in there. At least you have Christmas and coffee to get you through the daily grind of studying. I know it can be frustrating when you don’t do a well as you hoped, but it seems like you do know this stuff–you just have to stop second guessing yourself. Good luck!

  • Have you ever tried to do an all- nighter on one of the weekdays? If you have, did you actually succeed? I am asking because this week I have accidently did an all- nighter to finish an essay that was due at […]

    • 😭😭 I procrastinate all the time but I don’t think I am good at pulling all nighters. I tend to get really tired after 10 and cant get work done. But If I have to I will but the latest I slept doing that was 1am. Your body needs the rest you know and if it doesn’t that affects us both physically and mentally. I think my all nighter have work saying I don’t go to bed too late like you did lol. But good luck with everything and GET SLEEP. LOL Ik is hard I’m working on time managing too.

    • I procrastinate all the time becuase Im too lazy to do the work. Plus sometimes when I procrastinate I actually do well then when I spread things out. But I get really sleep deprived which means I get sick often. Runny nose,heavy head,sleepiness is common for me especially in my senior year of high school. Though it is funny how I the first time I pull an all nighter, I actually felt fine. I was very energetic throughout the day not feeling sleepy at all. Maybe because I was kept busy and not thinking about sleep at all. Anyway just hold on for another month. Winter break is almost here.

  • Honestly, I do not even know what to write for this class anymore. I know there are various topics but like which one. It is like I might as well make up ideas, only if I could think of ideas though, but yea think […]

    • Hey, it looks like you wrote about some things that are very important to you! It always helps to have something to say. However, sometimes you don’t know what you have to say until you write it down.

    • Professor Davidson is right. Writing is actually a form of thinking, so sometimes the act of writing can help us to think about what we want to say.

  •        Its November. About two more weeks to thanksgiving break. Then another two weeks its the finals week. Man time sure do fly by very fast. Before I knew it the semester is about to end soon. It nice that eve […]

    • If I were you, I would worry about the quality of sushi. Bad sushi can lead to a whole mess of troubles. 🙂 I like sashimi better than roles.
      It seems like you have a good plan for approaching your finals. Have you tried writing out a study schedule so that you are making sure that you don’t neglect any of your classes?

  • Karima.O wrote a new post, 149 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    I miss the Bronx so much you have no idea, especially 149 grand concourse street where my high school is located. 149 street is the best. Why the best; let me explain. As a junk food lover 149 is the place to be. […]

    • I love this post. The closest thing to this concentration of junk food that we have around here is the food court and the mall, but that is still much less convenient than what you describe. 149 sounds like a junk food lover’s paradise.

  • I’m definitely about to rant about all the midterms and major assignments I have due, this is crazy. I talked to my friends that go to other schools and they all say that they’ve only had one midterm so far. I was […]

    • Yikes! This does seem like a really difficult week for you. But it also seems like you have a plan for how to tackle studying for these exams. And we do have Thanksgiving coming up, thank goodness. I think that everyone could really use a break at this point in the semester.

  • For my art essay, I want to used the meme called “Successful Black Man”. The reason why I want to write about this meme is because I have never seen it before. It is interesting how the meme itself is taking the […]

    • I like your art proposal its will be interesting to see how you will write this essay. I have personally seen pictures of ” Successful Black Man”a couple of years ago all over my Facebook. It was interesting to see people’s comments and views about the memes. I personally found it insultive how they changed the words around to make them positive. I thought they were mocking black people instead of changing people’s stereotypes.

    • First Let me thank you for the last comment you post on my last blog. It really motivated me. [“I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.”] You are a bright girl don’t let anyone change you or tell you other wise. Moving on to the blog post I really like your topic. Brings me back to our AFS days. It is so interesting yet the sad truth. I think so far you have analyze/interpret the meme really nice. The last sentences would be good to include in your thesis statement.

    • I did not know about this meme until now and I liked because as you said, it does not follow the stereotypes. I think is great that you want to talk about that and I also liked when you analyzed the title of the meme and related it to the history of the United States.

  •        For the art analysis essays, I will be talking about a painting called “The Scream” by Edvard Munch. This painting depicts a person who holds his head in disbelief. Everything in the painting is disorie […]

    • Great painting chosen for the art analysis essay. The Scream is one of the world’s most renown pieces of art that has so many meanings to it. So many theories as to why the person is screaming. The person is screaming because they are scared, angry, shocked, surprised,tec. The limits are boundless and I can’t wait to see your input. Good job!

  • The art piece I will be analyzing is on a painting that my best friend made for me. A little background on the painting, everyone out of my friends are in the city going to schools near each other except me. […]


    I have always wanted to show people about this piece of art that has impacted my life and now I will be able to do it! My art analysis will be about the use of Allegories and how the lyrics of the song and […]

    • Armida, your proposal seems really interesting. I’m looking forward to see how you are going to put everything together to do your art analysis. I wish you the best of luck on this paper.
      By Walter

  • Karima.O wrote a new post, Barbie 3 weeks, 5 days ago

    In my art analysis essay I will be talking about the Barbie doll and it’s effects on men and women in our society. Dolls are the main objects children play with growing up. And believe it or not, a little thing s […]

  • Today is officially two months and two day until Christmas. Although, it’s only October I can’t wait till the holiday to arrive because that is one of my favorite season overall. It’s my favorite holiday mainl […]

    • I can be hard to get up in front of a group of people and put yourself out there. There is always the potential for embarrassment. But I bet your congregation is a very kind audience and it is awesome that this experience helped you to develop confidence.

    • I remember you telling me that you played Mary at your church. Its nice that you wrote about it and how you felt through the whole process of the play. My favorite month is also December. But not because of Christmas I actually don’t celebrate Christmas. December is my favorite month because we get to look bak at all the things we accomplished in the year, how you have grown and what you need to keep working on. Its a time of reflection. Its also my favorite month because my dad was born the day before I was so we all get to celebrate four things in a day. My dad was born on New Years Eve and I was born on New Years day.

    • I also can’t wait for Christmas, it the best time of the year. The music, food and family getting together is amazing. My favorite part is to actually receive presents. I love getting presents. I hate the plays because I am bad at memorizing lines and I always end up forgetting my lines. I am also not good at acting and I end up embarrassing myself. I love to sing, therefore when the choir is asked to sing praise and worship before the play starts, that’s my favorite part of Christmas. I can’t wait to hear the Christmas carols.

    • I also can’t wait till the month of december. There is a one month break after all the stressful college classes and midterm. It will be a time for me to relax, eat (which I love doing), and play. I will finally be home after 3 months away from home. I will finally be able to eat well and cook whatever I want to cook. Well for christmas, I don’t get presents like other people do because my family doesn’t really celebrate the holiday. However with that being said, instead of presents, my family will probably go out and eat or have hot pot for dinner.

  •    Grace, glorious grace by God. It’s not due to my own righteousness but God found is sufficient for me. As I look back over my life and all the things I have done I can not help to give thanks. For the times I […]

    • you blog is very interesting it really brings out the positivity of being alive, you might have helped me with the level of stress I face. And people might think that everyday of their life is negative but it is actually a blessing. very interesting blog really influential, and meaningful.

  • Amy Huang wrote a new post, Blog 6: 1 month ago

         I honestly ran out of things to say. Felt like the past blogs, all I am talking about is chemistry, my sleeping schedule and how I keep getting sick. Since I had nothing to say I’m gonna talk about my future […]


    I am really excited! We are 2 months away from Christmas! I cannot wait to buy our Christmas tree and decorations. I have been always the one decorating the house but I think this year we are finally going […]

  • JASPARLING wrote a new post, Depression 1 month ago

    I’m usually a happy person, so happy that I have even been given a nickname “happy” (I know it’s not that original). Lately though I have been having these feelings of overwhelming sadness. I think I’m starting […]

    • I am sorry to hear that you are having a hard time. Transitioning to college can be really challenging, but just do keep in mind that it was not a mistake that you were accepted here. You earned your place and you can do this. I am glad to hear that you have the support of your mother and grandmother. Keep in mind that there are also lots of resources on campus if you feel like you need someone to talk to. Not only do you have your EOP counselor, but there is also CAPS.

  • Ghana is the place to be Winter of 2017. The food, beaches, the smile on my grandmother’s face when she sees me. I love my country soo much you have no idea. When I go back to visit this december there are a lot t […]

    • I second Jasmine. The locations that you provided are beautiful– the park and the waterfalls are especially lovely. But what are some of the hidden gems that you won’t find in guidebooks?

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