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  • The ending of the book is so confusing to me, I think it has some underlying message. So, after the magistrate endures all of that torture we get fast forwarded to months past that day. I hated that because I […]

  •       During the travel where they were passing the lake, I saw that the lake looks as if it is getting very salty. I just connect it to the conversation with the young officer to the magistrate where they were sa […]

    • Good observations about the saltiness of the lake. I believe that it is implied in the novel that they have set up irrigation systems, so they are using the water from the lake to water their crops. The charges of consorting with the enemy are not because he had sex with the girl (most of the people in the town assumed he was doing that the whole time, but because he went out to the barbarian lands and met with them.

  • I feel bad for the magistrate, in the beginning of the book I felt he was a good guy. Despite turning a blind eye to Jolls abusing, he did a lot of good things. Now we see him in chapter 3 and 4 and I feel so bad […]

    • Good discussion of the shift in the Magistrate’s relationship with the girl. Why do you think their relationship changed?
      The torture scenes are pretty brutal. We see the effects of the Othering that occurred earlier in the book: the barbarians are dehumanized and, so, they are treated like animals.

  •       In the second half, I was wondering about the change in Hero’s appearance and behavior. In volume 1 I see that she seems quit lively in that the way she is portray and illustrated by the author. When I saw […]

    • Great observation about the shift in Hero’s appearance– she does look more masculine as the comic goes on. The removal of her breast is a way to mark her membership to the Amazons (they all do it). Also, I think you are right about Victoria, and I look forward to talking about it in class. Good questions about the male astronauts–they do get answered in later volumes, but I’m not going to spoil them here.

  • The second half of the book was complete trash, now let me explain why I think so. First, Yorick is falling in love with Sonia. The whole time he was doing the absolute most to find Beth, Beth this Beth that. Now […]

    • Okay woah there Jasmine, You is bugging my girl. It wasn’t that bad. You literally just took all the bad parts of it and talked about them but what you forgot to mention is the good aspects such as the fact that Victoria is dead and that nothing bad happened to 355. Imma have to disagree with some of what you said cause i feel like its those moments that make the book good.

    • Hero is a difficult character, and I don’t blame you for being angry with her. I do hope, though, that our conversations in class this week will help you to understand you. As for Yorick’s love life, I agree that the stuff with 355 does come a bit out of no where (though note that she says that she “wants” him, not that she “loves” him–a distinction that I think is important). I, too, wish they had kept Sonia alive–I really liked her. As for the astronauts… well some interesting things happen there, but I’m not going to spoil it for you.

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  •      I think this comic book was fairly interesting and confusing as well. There was really no typically “introduction” of time where the author introduces the story in terms of time, date or even characte […]

    • The structure of this comic is a bit confusing, largely because it uses a literary technique call “in media res” which is Latin for or “in the middle of things.” It does throw you into the middle of the story, and provides the backstory only later. Good discussion about the surviving women’s power struggles. Is this what we might expect to happen, given the gender stereotypes about men and women? Great observation about the “Y” at the end first volume. There are “Ys” hidden throughout the illustrations.

  • The last man was a book about a gendercide that happens and the entire male species is erased except for one man Yorick and his male Ampersand monkey. I found the gender topic in this book interesting, I have […]

    • Hero’s storyline is upsetting. During class next week, I want to spend some time discussing why she might have joined the Amazons. You do a nice job of discussing what this book is trying to say about gender inequality. Why do you think Vaughan is challenging ideas that women are pacifists? What is suggesting about gender stereotypes?

  • This reading was intense, at first, I was engaged because they said she already had heart problems and she was about to receive some bad news. So, I’m thinking she’s going to die (I was low-key right) but then as […]

    • You do a nice job of tracing your affective reaction to this story. It’s short, but, as your post demonstrates, it’s an emotional rollercoaster. The ending is a bit confusing, and we will definitely talk about it in class. Also, I lean toward your first interpretation of the title: I think that the events of the story happen over the course of an hour. The original title of the story was actually “The Dream of an Hour.” Does that title change the way you read the story?

  • Both reading are confusing to me. The words are too deep meaning that I had to think harder. I had to read them a couple of times to understand minimally what it is trying to convey. Not just what it is there but […]

    • It is okay if the stories confused you. Like I said in class, these blogs are a space for you to work through your ideas. I like that you are thinking about this story in terms of gender politics. You also do a really good job of talking about the ending of the story. It is her joy that kills her–just not the joy of seeing her husband again. She is killed by the loss of joy when her future of freedom is taken away.

  • Well, I’m so glad for this break. It’s a month-long break that I needed!The end

  • Nah, seriously its a wrap for this. I am here sitting and I am just like let the end really come. Stonybrook I thought it was a joke that midterms never end but I am here typing this blog thinking about the mi […]


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