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M Vle Parenn

Posted on November 7, 2017


For this week’s blog, I’m going to be talking about one of my favorite Haitian songs titled “m vle parenn.” in this song, Wanito (the author of this poem) tells about a dream that he had after taking and passing the final exam before going to college.
At the beginning of the song, he was happy because he passed the final exam. He ran home and told everybody that he encountered the result of the exam. When he called his girlfriend to tell her that he passed, what she told him, made him go crazy. She replied that she was pregnant. He couldn’t believe what he heard because he wasn’t ready to become a dad. He just finished 12th grade, doesn’t even have a job, and he doesn’t even know if he’s going to college because it’s too expansive. He didn’t have to waste his time and tell his mom that his girlfriend was pregnant because she was going to beat him up and kick him out the house or even force him to get married. He was thinking so much about the baby that he was almost hit by a car. He went to his aunt’s house to tell her about his problems and ask her what she could do for him. In response, she said that if he could get a girl pregnant, it’s because he knew he could take care of the girl and the baby.
Usually in Haiti, when a girl gets pregnant the parents force them to get married or kick her out of the house. In Wanito’s case, the girl’s mom kicked her out of the house. To take care of his new family, he went to the countryside. There, they gave him a small room that barely has a widow, a machete, and a piece of land to grow some crops. If you imagine yourself being in that situation, it’s great adversity. Plowing the soil, planting the crop, water the vegetables, and harvesting the land is the adversities that he faced because he was all on his own. His girlfriend can’t help him because she’s pregnant. They’re crying because they were living a wonderful life and they’re tiny mistake that could have been prevented is now making them suffer.
One day while was working the land, he heard a noise in the room. When he ran to the room, his girlfriend’s water broke. You can imagine how hard it is not to be able to send the girl to a hospital or clinic to give birth to your son/daughter. Luckily for him, he was dreaming. When he woke up, he ran to his girlfriend’s house to make sure that what he imagined of wasn’t right. Of course, it wasn’t right because it was a dream. That’s why it is essential not to only a Haitian because they can get kicked out their house, but to all of us because having a baby is a great responsibility. To make that you don’t suffer the kind of pain that Wanito was going through, make sure you wear a condom. It’s not going to hurt if you do.


    1. Walter Darby Post author

      in my opinion, I think that Wanito wrote it as way to help young men and young woman to understand the danger of getting and being pregnant especially if the man is unable to take of himself, the girl, and the baby. He advised us to first focus on school, and have a profession to support yourself and your future family before even thinking about getting a girl pregnant.

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