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  • From the time we were born we were thrown into the storm of destruction. “oh, she smiles just like her father or  “boy, I just cannot figure out if she looks like his father or mother”. Of course, those […]

  • Another day, another blog. What else is new? The answer to that is my horrible sleep schedule. Well, not really new, but it’s been happening since the beginning of October. Since then, I’ve been averaging abo […]

    • Well you see, I don’t seem to know what your strong motive to play basketball but I can relate to you when it comes to playing video games. Although I can’t relate when you say you wanna spend all your free time playing, if you have so much free time you can try to find a job, and being that you leave it to last minute is kind of pointless since you waste your actual time in games. Think of it this way, what do you gain from games, Fun? what else, nothing right? You can play games but the reason you came to college is to study and become someone in the world rather than doing nothing back home. I understand that studying and doing work early isn’t always a priority but if you missing sleep, you aren’t retaining any information in the lectures or classes making it pointless for you to even go. Learn to prioritize your work over your hobbies, that is if you want to be at a better standing at school.

    • I found this blog post pretty funny. I liked the irony in the end; you buying the water to still not end up doing your homework. Don’t worry though I’m on the same boat. I procrastinate for hours and hours; surprised I’m not doing this comment before class. Things will get better if you actually want to change things; lately I’ve been trying to manage my time. Hope you do the same.

    • Kaelan, I think everyone sleeping schedule is messed up. I’m averaging the same amount of sleep as you, but the only difference is that I preferred to take naps than going to the gym for 3-4 hours. This is college and we have to deal it. By the way, I want to fight (joking).

  • Honestly, I do not even know what to write for this class anymore. I know there are various topics but like which one. It is like I might as well make up ideas, only if I could think of ideas though, but yea think […]

    • Hey, it looks like you wrote about some things that are very important to you! It always helps to have something to say. However, sometimes you don’t know what you have to say until you write it down.

    • Professor Davidson is right. Writing is actually a form of thinking, so sometimes the act of writing can help us to think about what we want to say.

  • So for my art analysis essay, I’m choosing a building because it was an option. I’m probably going to write about the Empire State Building. I’m choosing this building as my top choice because I used to be able to […]

    • very interesting topic it most definitely stands out, and reading over you reasoning it seems like you got something interesting there and it will definitely bee a good one. maybe you can also break up this art which is the building and analyze its other features then I’m sure it will be stupendous but I really like the topic good luck on the essay.

  •    Grace, glorious grace by God. It’s not due to my own righteousness but God found is sufficient for me. As I look back over my life and all the things I have done I can not help to give thanks. For the times I […]

    • you blog is very interesting it really brings out the positivity of being alive, you might have helped me with the level of stress I face. And people might think that everyday of their life is negative but it is actually a blessing. very interesting blog really influential, and meaningful.

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  • Yeah, I have to write another blog, so hi. If I don’t write these blogs, my professor will put me in jail and make my life miserable. I have to leave for class in about 30 minutes from this point in time that I’m […]

    • Did you know that pencils can also be used to kill vampires? It happens a couple of times in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    • Hahahaha this post is really funny and got me to appreciate pencils. I took pencils for granted since it was always provided for us in classes. Although, when I don’t have one in class, I definitely feel helpless; I cannot take notes and puts me at a disadvantage next class.

    • It’s funny since I didn’t expect you to talk about pencils, although I really did hate pencils. The one that you had to sharpen I always considered corny, it takes too long and you always required to buy the sharpener but then game the lead pencil that was mechanical, my life changed entirely. Looking at one made me so interested, it looks so cool and they come in all shapes and designs unlike the regular old pencil with the always ending eraser, you can refill the lead which is nice.

  • Sometimes it is tough being introverted  and for me, I am just glad there is an actual word that defined the way I acted. If you are reading this and you do not know what introverted means, it means a shy, […]

    • As a fellow introvert, I can definitely relate to how you feel. I married an extrovert, which is good, because he makes me leave the house and go out and do things with other people every once in a while, so I guess he helps me to get out of my shell. There are definitely nights though, where I would much rather stay in and keep to myself, though. It can be exhausting being around other people sometimes.

  • Hi everyone this is my 4th blog where I still have no idea what I’m going to write about until I end this sentence, so here goes nothing once again.

    Sleep is cool. I like sleep. Do you like sleep? Sleep is […]

    • I also like sleep, but I don’t get to do nearly as much of it as I would like. I don’t know that I’ve ever gotten 14+ hours (except maybe when sick or jet-lagged), which explains why I have only normal sized legs.
      I also can’t imagine being up until 3 A.M., but then again, I’m up at 5, with or without an alarm.

    • I feel you bro. At first I was like I have no idea of what to write about for the 4th blog, but when I started writing it all came to me.
      I love to sleep too. I think sleeping is great. like you oversleeping is one thing that get worried the most throughout my high school years because I always missed my early morning alarms. you can say I’m a heavy sleeper.

    • Oh kaelan I think we have something in common. Sleep is a sacred thing in my life. Is something that I need everyday; no matter if is only 1 hour. I feel you with going through sleep late. I go to sleep late everyday 3Am, 4AM. Sometimes I have to wake up at 7AM, but I still go to sleep at 4AM. Yeah I know I’m stupid.

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