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SKIT BLOG – “Always Be Closing Parody”

Posted on May 6, 2018

Witman Capellan

Professor Hautsch

AIM 104

May 6th, 2018


Group Project Blog

Making a skit with my group was one of the funniest things i’ve done this semester. Especially after doing so much serious work that had me stressed out. The reason we decided to use the text Glengarry glen ross was that we loved the scene “always be closing” with Alec Baldwin. We loved the way the scene plays out, he just rips everyone apart and it is hilarious. We tried to keep it close to the original but changed the setting and time period completely. We decided to use the Marvel universe as a parody of the book. I thought it was a great choice especially since all we needed was one arrogant superhero who always thinks they are the best. For this reason we used Ironman he was the perfect fit. Iron Man is known for being a cocky billionaire who claims to be the strongest hero. We kept the same setup where he is basically ripping everyone up but this time instead of yelling at them for having no selling skills he is yelling at heroes for having wack powers. This was perfect since Bryan wrote all of Ironmans lines because Bryan is a very arrogant person who believes he’s the best at everything he does. He is also my roommate so I knew that he could pull of Ironman’s persona well. I think our group worked well together. We all live in the same building which made it easier to work together and communicate. Hussein is a character that always has some very controversial yet funny and interesting views. I was like the filter for Hussein’s very abstract ideas and then Bryan would confirm if it was skit worthy. Overall we tried to separate the work, give each other ideas, and get props. I feel like our skit was good because it had the same theme as the original yet it was very abstract. Even though we took such an out of this world take on the scene I feel like it had the same vibe as the original. We used a lot of profanity especially Hussein but it was only because the original was also like that. Besides this we really tried to get into character. I tried my best to be like T’challa the king of Wakanda and the rest of my group also did a good job of getting into the personas of their character. I feel like we did not need more time unless we wanted to have a more organized skit. Besides this I feel like the way we made our skit and envisioned the final project was the way it ended up and this is why I am happy with the final way the skit turned out.                 


  1. Jessica Hautsch

    I agree that your casting of Iron Man in the Blake role worked perfectly. You effectively played off of his arrogance and, at times, over confidence. I thought that your performance was great; your accent was well done, and you did a good job of portraying the Wakanda mannerisms. Glad you enjoyed this project. Thanks for a good semester. Hang in their during finals weeks.

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