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Blog 8

Posted on April 16, 2018

The newest chapter of Glen Garry Glen Ross was soooo choppt. The fact that Moss or Aaronow might’ve comitted the robbery is crazy. I don’t really know who might’ve done it but man it was type crazy how it really happened though. Like who robs the company they work for, I just don’t understand that type of logic. I’m really hoping they catch him soon though because this is really suspenseful I like stories that kind of keep me on edge. Like in comparison to “Waiting for the Barbarians I didn’t really enjoy that, it was really slower. I understand it was a longer book but the fact that things are occurring more fast in this play is what makes it more interesting in comparison. I think it’s crazy how the audience is sort of left in suspense in all of it. On top of that the characters are already turning on each other like, so there’s not a lot of loyalty in the office it’s a really competitive environment. I think that’s mainly the reason I would never become a salesmen because there’s a lot of pressure and I wouldn’t want to be on a lot of pressure at work. I would want to have fun not have to beat my colleagues in order to keep my job. I think Roma is a really lucky guy in this business and it’s interesting how he’s able to close clients like he did in the previous act. I don’t like Levene though, he is sort of really needy and the fact that he came into the office parading his success is more of a reason not to enjoy him as a character. I just don’t like people who go around bragging about their successes like that especially when he previously had such a hard time trying to sell the lands in the first place. I was always more into the people who are humble and quite about their successes rather than loud and aroused. That’s just my personal opinion if I was ever on a team with someone like Levene I knew I wouldn’t get along with him.


  1. Jessica Hautsch

    Good observation about the lack of loyalty in the office. Arguably, that’s what happens when people are placed in competition with one another. There is no incentive to look out for anyone but oneself. Also, good analysis of Levene’s character shift. Once he makes that sale, he does seem like a totally different, and utterly unsympathetic, character.

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