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Blog 5

Posted on February 26, 2018

Witman Capellan

AIM 104

Professor Hautsch

February 18, 2018


“Blog 5”


The more I read this book the more I enjoy it. Even Though it didn’t capture my interest towards the first two chapters the book got better as the chapters progressed. It went from analyzing every paragraph to dissect what was really going on, to being able to read the book straight through and enjoying it. Chapters 5 and 6 really do give this book a good ending. Just like in chapters 3 and 4 I was very surprised at where the plot of the story went. More interesting is the character development of the magistrate and how he learns from being the one tortured compared to being the one torturing people. He goes from being a character that everyone hates to a character that in my eyes is almost likable. I like the way this book explores different points of view. The part in chapter 5 where the magistrate ask mandell how he eats even after torturing people is one way the book explores this theme. Just a chapter or two ago the magistrate had power and was respected amongst the people of the town. He was perfectly fine with torturing prisoners and hated the barbarians which he compared to animals. However now that he has been through what many of the barbarians have experienced he sees the bigger picture of his mistakes. It is interesting how mandell is the same way as the magistrate was. People don’t understand many things until they have been in there shoes. It can in a way be connected to the black lives matter movement and the feminist movements we see today. Two groups that never seem to understand each other because they will most likely never be able to see it from the others point of view. Another thing I find interesting is how the soldiers act when Joll sets out to find the barbarians. They rob all the houses, don’t even take care of the towns people, and simply cause more fear and pandemonium. Although the towns people didn’t even know the barbarians and feared them (although they weren’t a real threat) the soldiers acted more animalistic then the barbarians they depicted themselves. If there is one thing that I don’t like about the book it’s that the barbarians never even came. The people of the town always feared a threat that was never there, the actual fear came from people like Joll and Mandell who tortured people for a living.               


  1. Jessica Hautsch

    I am glad to read that the book is growing on you. I agree that we do see the magistrate’s development throughout the book. It is debatable whether or not he is fully redeemed. Your comments about the soldiers being more barbaric than the barbarians is also really interesting. We will be talking about that next class, so be sure to hear your thoughts.

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