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Revision Plan: Assignment 3

Posted on November 14, 2017

I think that the peer review was very helpful in editing and adding to my essay. I can think of how to make the first sentence more appealing to draw in the reader. I should also explain in more detail what the essay will discuss so that the reader has a clear understanding of the topic. Furthermore, I can give more background in the body paragraphs for a lead in to what is being discussed. The paper will discuss more clearly of hurricane preparedness, the effects of not preparing and what governments will do in the future to help those with disabilities receive the essentials during a disaster.

The thesis for my essay is: the preparedness for the disabled in 2017 hurricane hit areas varied among different regions. The governments of these areas are discussing plans to increase hurricane preparedness to assist its disabled citizens to safety in future storms. In my essay I will make more points using specific examples of how countries in the Caribbean and states within the United States have prepared for the hurricanes that they have been hit with. I cite my sources  and will explain why the specific sources chosen are used. Sources that will be used are of areas that have been hit with a natural disaster, and the effects of it on those with disabilities. I will have to edit and add to my essay much more on the topic at hand. I must also explain in my introduction why the topic is important and what it is in more detail. Hurricane preparedness in general is very important because it can potentially save lives. In today’s world we are experiencing an increased amount of natural disaster activity, and preparing for these storms by making plans for those with disabilities to safely leave a disaster area and arranging shelters for those displaced will help the community at large.

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