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#Blog Post: 4 – The Journey to Essay Writing

Posted on October 22, 2018

When I first started writing, I could realise that it is one of the most important form of self-expression, however, it is requires precision and practice to get across our message without any ambiguity. One of the common problems that I face during essay writing is meeting the word limit. I sometimes overrun the limit or fall well short of the limit. Modifying the body of the essay becomes tricky as I always have to make sure that I retain the important points while not getting carried away by unnecessary rhetoric that do not add any value to the topic.


Another problem that is required to be flagged is avoiding plagiarism. Citation is important in essay writing especially when I draw sustenance from sources to premise my points or conclusion. I have to keep in mind that when I cite these points I have to use quotation marks if I am directly quoting from a source. I also need to ensure that I use citations even when I am paraphrasing a point and the citation style should be uniform and accurate for all citations. I could comprehend that citations are helpful as they provide the reader with an understanding that the writer has read the relevant literature and has a good understanding of it and to accurately provide the credit to other researcher’s innovative ideas.


One of the most important strategy that has helped me is the planning and structuring of sentences which requires great attention. To ensure that I finish the essay well before the deadline and it is structured properly I have to plan how I am going to approach the essay like an introduction, main body and a conclusion. This involves brainstorming and preparing a draft of the essay. Sometimes brainstorming and draft is time consuming and so I may be left with very little time to transform the draft to the final piece. I have realised “Practice makes a man perfect” and that’s the only way I can get better with my essays.


Writing an essay is not as difficult as we think of it to be. If we are well organised in our thoughts, evoking the correct emotions in the reader so that they may understand the idea behind a particular statement it becomes very helpful in getting across the correct message. In my recent writing essays I have worked on avoiding repetitions and ensuring that there are no grammatical errors. I am still developing upon smooth transitions between paragraphs to maintain proper order. I believe that writing is an art that requires utmost precision in thought and only experience can teach this.`

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