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Posted on September 12, 2017

I have changed multiple times in my life time. The most distinct transformation happened during my transition from my elementary school to my middle school. Scared and confused of this new environment, I lost a lot of my soft skills that I had developed in my elementary school years. I forgot how to make friends and encounter people. This state of mind led me down a path that did not define myself. I started to hangout with the “cool kids” and became a bully because if I was not the bully then I would have been the bullied. I guess this was a way I wanted to empower my foolish past self. Ironically, as I came home I became the responsible and moral child that all my family members trust. I was two-faced. Fake. Not only to my peers, but more importantly to myself. The way I acted in school as to home were completely opposites. I knew I was being fake, but I did not know how to switch back.


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