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Posted on September 3, 2018

Firstly to set it out there everyone present out there has to attend some form of schooling and attain a specific degree of education, be it even the most simplest. Now when someone enters school and they are taught a whole bunch of topics and have an array of subjects laid right in front of them to study and to learn and most importantly experience what they are learning and develop a sense of understanding of what they are studying. To put it out straight it is rather difficult to understand whether we can actually swap out our grading system with something a little more calmer and less harsh for the students making learning a more enjoyable experience, thus it is essential that we bring out the term diplomacy here. I personally am completely against the whole aspect of the system of grades. I can rightfully say that if there were no grades then learning will surely be a more amicable journey for me. The fact remains that with the grading system we study for the grades and we do not study with aim of actually studying or learning to incorporate and implement new ideas and themes. Also with the grading system follows the ever so dearly standardized testing and teaching methods as well as the standardized topics that are taught. As we have read in Kohn’s extract standards often to tend to ruin the whole learning experience which to a great extent I do agree with her. Given the freedom that a student could take any mix of subjects as to their desire it would make the whole process of learning worthwhile for the student and along with the freedom of subjects the absence of a grading system just becomes the perfect cherry on top. Though to counter argue that there aspect of competiveness is lost and students will loose rigor. There would be no way to decide which student has done the better of the two. Thus in the future when the two students were placed against each other for a job position who would they choose and on what basis. They cannot just hire anyone over a conference or a meeting that a student has had with their teacher.

Now reading Alex Kohn’s essay has really made me ponder over a specific argument that I keep on having with myself. It is all about the idea of life and that whether the system of grading and standardization really helps give meaning to our lives. There is a quote by the famous Pablo Picasso, he says that the “The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away.” I very much agree with this. So thus we should ask. Does the current existing system allow students to find their gift. Are students being guided in the right path. If not, then what is that we are doing wrong and what can we do to change it. There are pros and cons to everything but which method better implemented gives the better results and bears the least consequences is what we should be focusing on.




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