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Assign 3 revision plans

Posted on November 10, 2017

Part 1:

Doing the peer review is always very helpful for me. Not only do I appreciate the comments I receive, but it also helps me to complete peer review for someone else’s paper. On my paper, I received comments on things that were not clear to the reader and I got ideas on what to revise and change. I posted similar comments on the essay that I had peer reviewed. It is very helpful to have someone else read the paper to point out mistakes that are not obvious as you are writing the paper.

Part 2:

Thesis: An argument has arisen over the past few years that debates whether all people should have access to assistive technology. Some believe that implementing the assistive technology in all work places will result in the population becoming more behind, but others believe that everyone should receive all the assistance they can get in order for the country as a whole to move forward and be successful.

Strongest points: pros and cons of using it in workplace and educational environment.

I do explain why this argument is important and why people should care about it. I also present my argument using credible sources in a logical matter to further convince my audience. I think in order to strengthen my essay, I should add more points and make my side more clear. I think my counter argument is starting to take up more of my essay than it should, and I should refocus both my thesis and my paper on my actual argument.

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