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Rough Draft

Posted on February 13, 2019

From the two articles given, I can tell that the infrastructure of an article or an essay is the most crucial part of it. With that being said rough draft also known as he first draft determines how the paper will end up. When writing a paper, everyone starts with a really bad draft and they’ll edit it and make it into a better one. Almost every good writing comes out from a terrible draft.

Also, the other people’s opinion effect a lot on the result of the paper. And the loud voices, paranoia inside our head that always stops you writing and criticize the way you write. The Lamott article was interesting by mentioning on teaching us how to keep those voices shut. Moreover giving the reader a cordial feeling making us feels like the writer is chatting with us. The writer also brought when every time writing a new writing, he’ll start with a really bad draft and start from it.

From my perspective, writing the first draft is to throw up all the raw ideas that I have as much as possible. Then we can start the editing process and make it into a favorable paper. However, a writing will never be done perfectly finished. From the murray article, he mentioned that he writes and edit until the last minute before the deadline, which I also do to make myself satisfied and ameliorate til the last second


  1. mwashock

    I agree that the infrastructure of an essay is the most important part too. It is important for the overall flow of the essay and to make it easy for the reader. It is necessary for the essay to have a strong introduction that hooks the reader and points out the main ideas of the essay. Also to have the points well explained in the body paragraphs. Finally to have a conclusion essay that sums up all the points and connects the introduction. The introduction and conclusion should come together full circle.

  2. rbarnes

    Personally, I believe there are more crucial parts to writing than just the structure of the essay itself. There are a number of famous authors who are known to purposefully ignore the rules of grammar and structure to create a unique tone that makes them stand out. For instance, The Road by Cormac McCarthy illustrates this perfectly. He strips the text of many rules of grammar and punctuation. Why does he do this? He wants to make his writing stripped and bare to the bones just like the situation that arises in the story. Essentially, it is a story of surviving with the bare minimum, so he writes with the bare minimum. Altogether, I feel like you did a good job of breaking down the rest of the articles. I do however believe all of the rules apply to us as writers for our WRT 102 class. I just feel as there are many other points that come together to make writing impactful and meaningful. Best of wishes!

  3. hmccloskey

    Your point that infrastructure is the most important element of you work is an interesting idea. This adds to the necessity you presented for drafting first and then finalizing, rather than going straight to the finished project. It is a good idea to get all of your ideas on the paper before you start writing rather than just making it up as you go. This allows you to have a better structure in your writing and filter out what does not belong in your writing, as you mentioned.

  4. alepan

    I agree with your opinion that for a good piece of writing, a person has to start with the foundation of it which is in most cases the rough draft and I feel that makes sense because like a building without a foundation, it would collapse and such is a piece of writing without a rough draft to set its limits. I really liked the fact that you referenced the article and talked about how personal you felt the article was like because you in a way communicated the ideas of the article to your audience in order to allow them to feel a similar way to how you feel about drafting. Finally, I support your idea that for drafting you basically put all of your ideas down on paper in order to set a good foundation for the rest of the of someones piece so that they have a lot to write from.

  5. tyeon

    I agree with your point in that rough draft is usually the terrible draft because you want your rough draft to contain as many details and content as possible. The point of rough draft isn’t to have the most perfect draft, because as you mentioned, peer’s review and the opinions of other people can be factored into the rough draft to make it a better draft. Rough draft should contain everything and anything as much as possible because what we put in rough draft can always be edited and changed up into a better writing piece.

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