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  • As a child, you want to grow up really quickly. This starts off simple; staying up late to play video games, having dessert before the broccoli, leaving the house after dark. You want the taste of freedom that […]

    • Saief!
      I can definitely relate to this in a similar way. I’ve lived with my uncle while attending school. Each weekend I would see my mother, and I kind of have a similar experience as you have written at the end of your mini essay.
      I understand where Brian is coming from. However, I can see why you chose the word freedom when going back and reading your first paragraph.
      In your final project, maybe you can incorporate how independence has shaped you as a person? Perhaps, you can elaborate how it has helped you mature through this college process?

    • Loved your story but–what’s a cheese bus?


    I was told to choose one image but I couldn’t. One of the defining moments in my life was getting my driver’s license. Was it one of my biggest accomplishments or proudest ones? No I don’t think so. But […]

  • “’Look at Mount Adams,’ I said and that was the last sane moment I remember.” (Dillard 481)


    “Objects, events, and emotions become doubly vivid – more real.” (Bissell, Video games: the Addiction) […]

  • I believe that the author’s thoughts on total eclipse mirrors the issues she feels within herself. I feel like one of the major things that she focuses on throughout the passage is the idea of death. And she f […]

  • It’s all over the news nowadays. “Two muslim moms attacked in Brooklyn yesterday afternoon.” “Imam killed in holy house in Ozone Park.” “Veiled woman set on fire on Fifth Ave.” Things like this really make m […]

    • I think places like Stony Brook create a very positive image for Muslims since we have so many fine and lovable Muslim students–although everyone has stories and it’s no Shangri-La. Social media helps (as well as hurts) as well. I’ve learned all about hijab fashion from my students, and each girl has a unique relationship with it. Anything that breaks down stereotypes is generally going in the right direction.

      Back to what Danny said about the -isms and society, we all have to tell our stories and find a hearing, and sometimes in doing so, we create new generalities, I believe. I’m white as can be but cars full of men have screamed obscenities on the street at me from a car for no reason as I walked to the corner–so I’ll associate it with misogyny. But I really don’t even know if there was a reason. The -isms come from patterns we experience, and sometimes there is no denying a pattern exists. Racist stories are also “stories” but as was pointed out by another person in the thread, they are stories that point away from the teller with blame and anger.

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  • This will definitely sound corny. More or less like the typical high school drama that most teens face throughout their four years. Are my clothes stainless? Does my hair look good? Do I smell nice? Is there […]

    • I love how you’ve incorporated the theme of a haunted place without explicitly giving it away. By the way, I am sorry for the unfortunate experience. I’ve had my fair share of prom proposal disaster, so I can definitely relate as I am sure many will as well.
      There is an important lesson that I’m sure you’ve taken from this experience as will many others: “The idea that I had to be good enough for someone else rather than me being good enough for myself.” This very insightful, for it is absolutely true. I, myself, have gone through this way of thinking, which is toxic for character building. One should not mold their personality and self from someone else. In this anecdote, you do point that out. From an experience like this, I’m glad you’ve grown from it, that she wasn’t good enough for yourself. As for revisiting this now beautiful, “haunted” place, I’m sure it’ll eventually become a distant memory in time, in which you’ll be gathered with friends and share this experience to laugh over.

      Questions for you:
      1) Would you plan something so grand as this for another prom-like event for another girl?

      2) Did the girl ever apologize for this whole conflict?

    • #facts

    • I think a lot of teenage heartbreak occurs because some people are much more capable of real connection at that age than others. Some are just learning how to act like they are connecting (like the girl you described perhaps) and look good while doing it. Love is soft and messy and doesn’t always look fantastic on a selfie, perhaps?

  • Hi my name is Saief and am currently a junior here. I’ve always considered myself a primarily math and science student, but I’ve noticed that each and every single writing class I’ve taken thus far, I’ve enjoyed. […]

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