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  • Over the semester, I have learned many things about writing.  I started off hating writing because of the stress I experienced when I wasn’t able to put my thoughts into words.  I used to always have a hard time o […]

  • Emiliussen, Jakob, et al. “Why Do some Older Adults Start Drinking Excessively Late in Life? Results from an Interpretative Phenomenological Study.” Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences, vol. 31, no. 4, Dec. […]

  • Until now, after researching about the relationship between alcoholism and mental disabilities along with how to prevent them, I never truly understood how alcoholism was provoked.  I only imagined people […]

  • Fact/Problem:

    The problem is the frequent cases of mental illness accompanied by alcohol consumption.  There are many people including college students who consume alcohol daily without knowing the detrimental […]

  • Introduction:

    It is a widely known fact that alcohol can alter your decision and can cause many mental disorders as well.  Alcohol causes the body to slow down some of the metabolic reactions that are […]

  • The three most helpful advice I received from my reviewers are “your ideas are shallow and you quickly move through them”, “Some of the ideas are repetitive”, and “you should explain the quote further since this […]

  • I hate people who are clueless about a topic but still decides to stick their head in and judge.  I hate how they behave like they know how others feel and start babbling their thoughts out loud.  Society should n […]

  • Disability creates various perspectives about labels and identities, both which is an important factor when describing who you are.  This is often created by the environment, either internal or external, the […]

  • Elbow and Lamott


    Elbow’s description of having a cloud in his head was very relatable for me.  Whenever I try to start writing, I end up getting lost in my thoughts not being able to write down a sin […]

  • A label can be very powerful.  It can easily force the group of people into being one single identity.  When people call someone “disabled”, automatically, a negative feeling is associated with the person.  Ever […]


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