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First Drafts are Meant to Suck

Posted on February 11, 2019

In the articles “Shitty First Drafts” and “The Maker’s Eye”, Lamott and Murray, respectively, talk about how first drafts don’t really mean much in the writing world. They’re important, but no one judges the first draft. They are meant to be horrible and then the writer works through all of the problems and kinks with that draft. After working it through a couple of times, it will become a beautiful piece of writing to be proud of. Lamott and Murray prove that these feelings are common of most, if not all, writers. Lamott uses humor to get her point across throughout her article. She talks about her time as a food reviewer and how hard it was to begin to write a review. Even though she had written so many things before and she wrote food reviews all the time, it still was hard for her to get started. So she forced herself to write but it was awful. She knew that but she kept writing because she knew that she just needed to write. Once she finished her first draft, she was able to sort through the writing and pick out what was bad and what was good. This improves her writing and her experience in the process of writing. Murray agrees with the notion that a writer should write as much as they can at first and then they can pick and choose what they want to be in the final drafts. He further goes into detail about how important the first draft is. That is how everyone starts writing; it’s one of the first techniques you learn as a writer. There’s a reason for that. Without it, the final draft would not be as well done and polished as it would be with a first draft.

Tips I Learned:

-Don’t think that much when writing your first draft. Just continue writing.

-Focus on the 7 elements of writing when editing and looking through the first draft.

-Try to distance yourself from your writing. Look at it like you’re a member of the audience of your paper. This will help you be objective when editing and revising.

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